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Drive in attention with a hose

fashion in men combines both strength and style When it comes to men s outfit, they usually think of everything from their head to the toe you might have seen some young guys wearing long socks it is called hose this fashion outfit goes more with short trousers or jean normally because it brings out the fashion style in the sock.

Socks are interesting piece of clothing, we pay so little attention to them and yet they gives our feet good structures and avoid our shoes from stinking in bad odor socks protect our feet from abrasion, wink away our perspiration and keep our dew beaters snug in our shoes. They are also a small detail that can either pull your outfit together or serve as a welcome distraction.
Hint on how to wear a hose
The pant should match your socks and not your shoes
Your socks should match one another
Avoid wearing socks that have holes and visible stains, so as to make your outfit look nice.
long socks shouldn’t be worn on traditional attires
Choose socks that, blends with the colour of your skin.
long socks should mostly be worn under shorts
your socks must go with the whole outfit and the occasion .










Mutiat Alli

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