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Dr Chibuzor Chinyere: The Great Spiritual Crusader, Visioner, Mentor and Social Emancipator of the Decade – CSCOG

After extensive deliberation, wide ranging consultation and exhaustive brainstorming, an agglomeration of civil society, groups, non-governmental organizations, professional associations and human rights activities namely:

the People United to Save Humanity; Shelter Rights Initiative; Citizens for Accountable Government; Teachers Without Borders; No Child Left Behind Initiative; Gender Rights Agenda; Spiritual Rebirth Movement; Professionals Roundtable; Affordable Housing Collective; Food For All Coalition;

National Conscience Movement; We The People Agenda; Pentecostal Youths Assembly; Christian Mothers Association; Movement For Spiritual Revival; Forum For Social Rights Advancement under the aegis of the Civil Society Coalition of Nigeria (CSCOG) have unanimously honoured Dr. Chibuzor Chinyere, General Overseer of the Omega Pentecostal Mission as ‘the Great Spiritual Crusader, Religious Missioner, Moral Motivator

and Social Emancipator of the Decade for his unparalleled spiritual, moral and religious deliverance of hundreds of thousands of souls to the path of righteousness, re-invigoration and re-dedication to the precious Word of the Almighty God,

his unrivalled spiritual mentoring and motivational inspirations to millions of the Christian faithful in Nigeria and abroad coupled with his precedent-shattering philanthropic, benevolent and compassionate activities of the his legendary OPM Foundation that has brought financial, education, nutritional and material succor to multitudes within and beyond the nations shores’.

In a communiqué issued by the coalition’s national publicity secretary Comrade Benedict Eremosele and made available to journalists in Abuja on 16th September 2018,

the CSCOG further elaborated on the ‘tremendous and far reaching achievements of the legendary OPM Foundation which includes the rehabilitation, empowerment, training and alms giving of tens of thousands of Nigerians and some of the foundation achievements include Free Computer Training Centre at Elele Prisons;

Free Tailoring and Computer Centre at Rumuyi, Emohua LGA, Rivers State; OPM Free Restaurant in Port Harcourt, Rivers State; Free Primary & Nursery School at Ohanku, Abia state; Free ICT base Nursery/Primary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State; Construction of Housing Estate in Rumoukwurusho, Rumuigbo and Aluu communities in Rivers state;

Construction of 2 bedroom flats for numerous widows; Multi-Skill Acquisition Centre to trains Nigerians in oil & gas, carpentry, tailoring, rig welding, free driving school etc; free lunch, free computer training,

free textbooks & fully equipped laboratory for students in Port Harcourt, provision of free water borehole for Nkukpuwa community in Abia State and feeding & ministering to thousands of homeless people in Houston Texas amongst other benevolent endeavours’.

‘Indeed Dr Chibuzor Chinyere is undoubtedly the spiritual , moral, religious and motivational compass of the nation contributing immeasurably in raising the Nigerian educational, housing,

health and nutritional indices to record levels while venturing courageously and fortuitously in areas where the various governmental authorities have long since forgotten, neglected or abandoned.

The highly cerebral altruistic, dedicated and supremely competent Dr Jesus of OPM has also been honoured, celebrated and garlanded by numerous charitable and philanthropic organization and foundations locally and internationally including UNICEF, the Oxfam Foundation,

the Bloomberg Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, CARITAS, Habitat for All, amongst other reputable and upstanding institution devoted to catering, sheltering, educating and nurturing the less privileged and most disadvantaged segment of world humanity.

Dr Chibuzor Chinyere’s deliverance, upliftment sustenance, empowerment and advancement of hundreds of thousands of children, youths, women, adults the indigent and the physically challenged will continue to be chronicled,

heralded adulated and emulated all over the world by men and women of goodwill, conscience and compassion and will no doubt be indelibly enshrined and embedded in the archives of history and the unshifting sands of our time. To God be the Glory’ –the CSCOG communiqué concluded.

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