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Double A, Adeniyi Akanni’s Uniqueness 

ISAAC, Oguntoye

It is now an open secret that a renowned artist Double A,  Adeniyi Akanni who goes by his entertainment name Neyoswaggz is making waves with his fans and lovers with his modern age style. He is an amiable actor who has won so many awards to his credit both locally and internationally. The handsome actor is at the prime of his career and has so many home works to his credit.

On what makes him difference from others he says

“I don’t really know what you mean by being different but however, I will say ‘Focus’. I have a vision and I focus on my mission, the mission is to go higher and make a difference, I produced scandal and relationship tales which our out, karma and the chase which are not yet out. I also shot corpers journal along with Mtec team then launch my taking over as the new NEEP CEO’ he responded.

On the rumored that he have intimacy with several girls on set

“it is just a working relationship if I notice that a lady is productive, I will submit myself totally to the job for better production, you see people will surely talk and they don’t care if they are spoiling your personal sex life but when you remain focus you won’t mind the side talks, “I appreciate positive reactions from people and above all I appreciate God for crowning my effort, I really work hard though but some actors too who work harder were not privilege to be in my place and its really cool and encouraging to see positive reaction people give to something you work hard on”

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