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Despite my rough journey; been determined brought me here-Imo Mike

If you can’t dream it; you can’t achieve it- Imo Mike

Not born with a silver-spoon; Micheal Imonikhe Edorhe better known as Imo Mike sure had a rough beginning starting up but his activeness and believe for growth has made him grow to the level he is now.

A man of many parts; Imo Mike as he is popularly known is a successful business owner, a Philanthropist and the founder of popular record label, Imo Entertainment. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, Imo Mike who equally doubles as the founder of Sol TV spoke about his humble beginning, passion to help young people grow amongst others.

You seem to have achieved a lot for yourself at your age, what’s the secret of your success story?

What’s “the secret”? Well, there isn’t just one. But think about this: To me Success is the uncommon application of common knowledge. Over my years in many businesses such as real estate and Business development services, I have created a habit of finding solutions to a lot of people’s problems. I try to always have a vision and the capacity to translate my visions into reality. 

Having graduated from University of Tech, how was life in school?

Life in University wasn’t 100% for me. I wasn’t the kind of person that concentrated so much in school studies.  The education system in Nigeria is outdated and I couldn’t rely on it. We now live in the information age. The world is evolving so fast that something you learnt in the beginning of your university might be obsolete by the time you graduate. I knew what I wanted in life and focused more on skill acquisition outside the university environment and kept updating my knowledge when necessary.

What were the things you did to survive in school? 

I did not come from a rich background. So many times I had to do jobs while in school to add up to what my parents could afford at the time. I remember when I was in 100 and 200 level; I did several hard labor jobs in building constructions just so I could feed. It was terrible: the way I lived in school at some point. But when I think about it now, I just give thanks.

At what point in your life did you conceive the idea of having a music company?

The idea of the music company came at about the last quarter of 2016.

You have your hand in different pies aside from the music business and you seem to be getting things sorted out well, how would you describe the journey so far?

The journey so far has been fantastic. I love growth. I love growing both personally and professionally. I love seeing growth in people. I love seeing growth in organizations. In fact, growth is one of my values as well as one of The values in Imo group. My growth goal is 1 percent daily improvement. I know if I can improve just a little bit every day, that over time my growth will be exponential.  Although through my journey over the years there have been good times and bad times but all were part of the learning and training process to achieve my visions.  I keep telling people, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. All you need is the focus and determination to get what you want. And with time all you see is success around you.

It is strange to know that you are the owner of the popular Instant Pick Up and Instant Apartment, how did you achieve these great feats?

Where did you hear that from? That’s not entirely accurate. Instant Apartment and Instant Pickup is a partnership business between Ubi Franklin and I. Ubi proposed the Instant pickup idea to me back in mid 2017 and I liked it. I love investing in anything that provides convenience to people or anything that has to do with providing good service through the internet. These days people want to get things done faster, delivered faster without stress. To cut the story short, let’s just say as an Investor, I made Ubi’s idea of Instant Pickup come to reality. Same goes for Instant Apartment.

How did you come up with such businesses and how have Nigerians welcomed the idea?

Instant Apartment and Instant pickup are doing great. We have been able to make a lot of Nigerians aware of the services and products we provide and a lot of people like it. Consumers in Nigeria are somewhat getting comfortable buying or ordering services online. You can see that with lots of eCommerce platforms online now. So the idea of ordering pickup online to clean your laundry or searching and booking an apartment online to stay while you travelling or on holidays appeals to this growing community of users in the eCommerce world. And when you have an eCommerce business, your ideal customer is someone with a pulse and a credit card.

You are also a philanthropist, what part of your growing up formed what you are doing today?

I believe that there is room for all human beings to succeed if we commit to giving others a chance. I am a philanthropist at heart and genuinely feel like my purpose is being fulfilled when I show loving kindness to others. Like I said before, I did not come from a rich background so I know what it’s like to be poor. Now that there is wealth around me, I feel sad whenever I see people go through poverty like I did. And what else can I do than to help people in such situation. My heart bleeds when I see that others around me are suffering or lack opportunities. I do seek charities and programs that are designed to help others in need. I focus my philanthropy on anybody who is less fortunate, whether they are children who need love or adults who are unemployed and homeless.

You also have Sol TV and Sunset Park, tell us about your vision for this?

Sol TV is a Channel from the stables of Imo Entertainment. It’sgoing to be a 24 hour urban and lifestyle channel that will promote Nigerian and African entertainment culture in music, drama, sports, fashion and tourism. Sol TV basically will inspire people’s passion towards entertainment while Sunset Park is a recreational resort in Minna that will provide maximum satisfaction in leisure activity, sports, entertainment and lots of fun events for both adults and children. These kinds of activities are lacking in the City and everyone in the area will love to have it around.

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