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Despite My Ill-Health, I Still Drink, Smoke and Womanize – Actor Olumide Bakare

Actor Olumide Bakare opened up in a recent interview with Enconioum magazine that despite the fact that he has been suffering an illness since 2013, he hasn’t completely stopped doing those things he use to do as a young guy- talking about smoking, womanizing and drinking.

The 63 year old actor said he has lived with these habits since his youthful days and can’t possibly stop it now;

“I have not out-rightly stopped but I have slowed down. I don’t know how to tell lies. I still smoke and drink. I still find time to sleep with women. But the truth is that I am not doing all these things as before. And the fact still remains that I am not properly married”

On taking any precautions to curtail his habits, the actor said;

“Let me tell you one thing about life. God doesn’t care about habit but your heart. How clean is your heart to God and people around you? How do you sail across the ocean of your life and all that? All these are what God cares about. It is not about whether you smoke or drink. Even those who don’t smoke and drink, worse things happen to them. I am a very straight forward person I have been in all these habits for about 45 years and I want to tell you, no shaking” he said

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