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Design Tips to Update Your Bedroom


We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it’s natural if you feel the urge to refresh yours from time to time, wheth­er to incorporate a new trend or simply because you desire a change. The good news is that up­dates don’t need to be big; the simplest tweaks can make an impact, as these tips show.

Reupholster your headboard

If you have a very simple headboard design, you could probably reupholster it yourself by wrapping a beautiful and colourful fab­ric over the headboard and tacking it at the back with a staple gun or board pins. Reupholstering can be costly, but it’s a quick way to start a change in your bedroom design that the rest of the room can follow.

Adorn your wall

Do you have a blank wall you’ve been looking at for ages, one just cry­ing out for some attention? Sometimes all it takes is a new found object to bring a fresh sense of glamour to a bedroom. There are so many designs available these days, and a decora­tive mirror is a great way to add a focal point as well as bounce light around the room. Besides a mirror, you can choose from a wide array of decorative pieces for walls. Don’t be afraid to build things up slowly, you don’t need to do everything right away. Let whatever it is shape further changes in the room. Be sure to make sure your walls are strong enough to hold something heavy and be sure that there aren’t any pipes or cables running down the wall. You could also, more simply, just paint the wall a different color to add a new tone to your room.

Add architectural features

New-build properties of­ten lack architectural detail, but there are some lovely ways you can add this sort of feature to a room. Perfectly scaled, painted wooden frames really add interest and help the light­ing and artwork, if any, have more impact. Picking them out in a contrasting color to the walls keeps the look fresh. If you aren’t sure how this addition would look like or what the best dimensions might be, cre­ate a paper template, stick it to the wall and live with it for a while before you have a framework made and in­stalled. That way you’ll be free to make adjustments until it’s perfect.

Revive with a rug

A rug is a brilliant way to add a new layer to your room, as well as a sense of warmth and softness un­derfoot. You can go almost wall to wall if you want to make a big change with­out replacing a carpet or changing any existing floor­ing.

Reboot your bed­ding

When you spend so much time in bed, it seems crazy not to be sleeping in lovely bedding, rather than tattered gray sheets and pillowcases that are no lon­ger crisp. Egyptian cotton bedding is widely available, so there’s no excuse not to bring that fresh, luxurious feel to your bed. A few ad­ditional pillows and a throw blanket can also introduce color and texture, and they can easily be changed when you grow tired of the look.

Go with twins

Perhaps you have a spare room you’d like to refresh, or one recently vacated and ready for a revamp. As time goes on, rooms change their pur­pose. Whatever the situa­tion, it’s a good opportunity to look at your bed anew. Perhaps it’s time to change the whole arrangement and go for single beds, or per­haps to go the other way and install a bigger bed. If you do opt for splitting up the beds, go for a full-size version, that way you’ll be covered no matter who sleeps in it.

Do something crazy

If you are doing some­thing purely cosmetic that can be painted over, then why not go a little bit wild? New paint or graffiti should easily cover up any experi­ments you tire of.

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