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Deplorable condition at Kano Urology Hospital

Health they say is wealth! Good health care delivery system is one of the basic need of every progressive society.

While the Kano State government recently commissioned two new multi billion naira hospitals completed by his Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, investigation has revealed that a lot of the state owned hospitals are in dare need of government attention.

The pathetic condition of most hospitals visited would force one to ask what happened to the billions of naira said to be spent in the sector.

The poor hygienic condition and dilapidated state of facilities at the popular Abubakar Iman Urology hospital patients are subjected to live in, is better imagined than said.

Some of the problems observed at the hospital include: broken water closets, blocked bath room that requires the use of sticks to be able to flush water, naked electric wires on the walls which could easily lead to one’s electrocution, doors without locks exposing patients to danger, lack of security personnel seen anywhere in the wards, and the hospital is infested with insects with mosquitoes in great number due to lack of fumigation.

Apart of the above listed problems, a medical source further revealed that the hospital lack drugs in its pharmacy, as patients or their relatives have to go elsewhere to get prescribed drugs.

Inadequate medical personnel is also an issue affecting the medical centre.

Perhaps, the most disturbing aspect of it all is the fact that medical personnel are often forced to use objects, equipments and other hospital utensils on patients without sterilizing them because they lack necessary things to do so.

A source from within the hospital who asked not to be named further revealed that a hospital as such as that has no standby generator.

Efforts to speak to relevant authorities concerned such as the Executive Secretary Kano State Hospital management board (ES) proved abortive as several attempts to have an audience with him or any of his directors for their comments yielded no result.

Also, efforts to see the state Commissioner of Health proved abortive as several calls were placed across without answer but responded once with a text message that he was in a meeting and promised to call back later which he never did. When contacted, the Public Relations Officer to the state Commissioner of Health, Ismaila Gwammaja however said that his principal officer is not in best position to comment on the issue but the ES State management board whom he briefed on the telephone that a he just received a complaint that his office has refused to grant audience over the matter but the Executive Secretary however denied any knowledge of efforts been made to see him over the matter as he claimed no one informed him about it and gave an appointment to address the issue which he was not on seat on the day of the appointment. till as at the time of filling this report, all other efforts towards securing another appointment with him didn’t work out after more visits to the board.

It is however difficult to comprehend the reason why relevant authorities concerned are avoiding to comment over the issue which a source from the management board described as a peculiar one that has lingered for quite some time now.

Yakubu Salisu, Kano

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