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Dangote Boosts Senegal’s Construction Sector, Introduces 42.5 Grade Cement

Dangote Group has raised the scale of standards in Senegal’s construction sector, with the introduction of the higher quality 42.5 grade cement into the African country.

The company rolled out products from its $300 million Cement Plant in Senegal amidst excitement by the country’s government for creating 5,000 direct employment.

The giant stride of Dangote in the establishment of the cement plant marked the single largest investment by an African in Senegal.

The Senegalese government pledged support and protection for the company to enable it achieve optimal production capacity.

Commending Dangote, the Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of Senegal, KatyenJackden and Senegal Director of Mines, OusmaneCisse commended the doggedness of the Group Chairman on completing the plant despite the various setbacks.

Speaking in Dakar during the official commencement of production at the plant, the Senegalese Director stated that the county with Dangote as the single largest investor in the country, urging other African entrepreneurs to emulate the business insight of Dangote.

In his address, Luke Haelterman, the Country Head of Dangote Cement, noted that Dangote Cement offered the best choice for consumers as it is the only 42.5 grade high quality cement available in Senegal market, adding that the commencement of production will boost the housing sub sector of the Senegal building industry.

Haelterman noted that the entrance of Dangote cement into the Senegal market has altered the equation in the cement market, saying that the company has targeted the exportation of its product to Mali with the tune of two million tonnes per annum.

”Senegal with a population of 14 million people is a market with ever growing demand for cement because quite a lot of constructions are going on. There are two existing cement plants before Dangote came on board.

“Today, Dangote has become the biggest and best because we remain the only company producing the 42.5 grade, which is better than what we met on ground, which is the 32.5 grade”, he added.

Nigerian Ambassador explained that Dangote has through his investments in African countries built Bridges of friendship across nations, fostering unity and integration among African countries.

According to her, Dangote Cement has done Nigeria proud with the commencement of production and that she was happy that Dangite Cement has been instantly accepted in the marker because of the high quality grade.

She noted that Dangote Cement needs all encouragement needed to flourish, adding that her office would be willing to help in that regard

In his presentation, the Director of Sales and Marketing, Serigne M. Dieng said that Senegal with 14 million people and a growing GDP of +4 percent as of 2013 has cement market of 3MT per annum and a consumption rate of 230kg.

He expressed satisfaction that Dangote cement was accepted immediately it got to the market, adding that aggressive awareness embarked upon by the company exposed the consumers to the 42.5 grade which was not known to the majority.

Also, AthanasiosBampos, chief operating officer of the plant, maintained that the location of the factory was not only rich in limestone but also in clay and laterite, explaining that they are the major components needed in cement manufacturing.

The new plant located in Pout district of Senegal, about 75 kilometres East of Dakar, the country’s capital, has a nominal capacity to produce 4000MT per day and 1.2MT per annum and with the capacity to create 5,000 jobs.

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