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CSOs accuse politicians of sabotaging war against terrorism

Over 500 Civil Society Organisations have accused politicians of intentionally sabotaging the present administration’s efforts at curbing terrorism in the country.

They made this known on Thursday after a one-day interactive session to discuss the prevailing security situation in the country.

At the session which held at the Oasis Grand Hotel, Abuja, the Civil Societies accused stakeholders from Borno State of sending conflicting signals as to how receptive and prepared they are for a post Boko Haram phase.

According to them, there is no zeal on the part of some of the stakeholders in Borno state to see to an end of the years of insurgency and terrorism.

They said that there is deliberate effort to prevent Boko Haram from being dealt a final blow.

Stating further that if this is allowed to continue there is the risk of the terror group being able to rebuild its capacity to again constitute a threat not just to Nigeria but the entire sub-region.

” There are appointed and political office holders that are exploiting the situation to further their own agenda to the detriment of national interest and collective security of all Nigerians. There is implication for these Boko Haram sponsors to further ingratiate themselves to the government of the day and we will have a repeat of what transpired under the past administration again where terrorism became a full-fledged business,” they stated.

The Coalition of Civil Societies which comprised of 13 Non-Governmental Organisations also acknowledged that there are other emerging security breaches that necessitate a rapid progression to the next logical phase of military operation in Borno State like the resurgence of militancy in the Niger Delta that would require military efforts and resources to counter and that the military cannot be indefinitely bogged down in the North-East on the current scale.

The Participants however commended the Nigerian Military for ending the activities of insurgents in the North East with particular mention of the Chief of Defence Staff, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air Staff and Chief of Naval Staff for their efforts in ensuring restoration of security while acting within the confines of human rights rules and regulations.

Suggesting that the inquiry should investigate the roles played by politicians, foreign influence(s) towards finding a lasting solution to the problems militating against the region and put an end to militancy, while adding that the government on its part should ensure that resources committed into the development of the region are not embezzled by the so called leaders from this region.

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