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Covid-19: Kwara Suspect’s wife tests positive, 4 days after husband’s death


The wife of a suspected COVID-19 case who died at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) on Thursday, April 2, has reportedly tested positive for the virus.

According to reliable sources at the hospital, preliminary tests carried out on the unidentified woman came back positive, as official announcement was being awaited.

Recall that the management of the medical facility had earlier disclosed that her late husband, a 57-year-old Muslim was rushed into its Accident and Emergency Department last Wednesday,
and was admitted and managed as a case of food poisoning following ingestion of rotten pineapples.

It, however, added that shortly after he passed away on Thursday morning, and his corpse released for immediate burial in accordance with Islamic rites, “the hospital management received several anonymous calls disclosing information of recent travels by the patient and his wife to UK and having been on self isolation on arrival to Ilorin 12 days prior presentation at A&E (Accident and Emergency Department) on the advise of the Professor who brought him—Information that was concealed from the frontline medical personnel at first contact in the A&E, A&E Attendants and the mortuary staff; acts that the hospital’s management considered HIGHLY UNETHICAL!!!!”

Consequently, the UITH’s COVID-19 Committee immediately labeled the patient a ‘Suspected Case’, while collecting laboratory samples from the deceased’s wife, the Professor, and others identified as ‘very high risks Contacts’ using National COVID-19 Guidelines.

More details to come…

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