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I am extra happy when I plan parties- Sandra Ikeji, CEO EventbySI

Hardwork and doggedness seems to flow in the families of Ikeji’s, house to Nigeria’s biggest blogger, Linda Ikeji. For Sandra Ikeji CEO EventbySI, making your event worthwhile is her passion and driving forces having kicked off as model manager and coordinator for several events. With intention of growing her business, Sandra holds a degree from The International School for Hospitality Nevada, USA. Cornered at the just concluded WEDEXPO, Sandra led us into her world of event management, growing up and how supportive her sister Linda is amongst others.

Do you ever envisage that you will be going into Event Management?
I have always loved helping friends and families organise parties, and I manage models, I have a modelling agency called Black dove models, so planning and coordination has always been in me. Even in high school I was made the GO (General organiser) in the literary and debating society. So u can call me a born party planner.

What motives drive you to wanting to own your personal company?
Wanting to do what I love has always been my intention. As a model manager, I coordinated several event for my clients for free. When I am asked to provide hostesses for events, I end up creating an event flow and becoming one of the coordinators for the event. I was doing this for free for years until I realised I could turn this sweet passion into a full time job, I did few courses in Nigeria and enrolled into The International School for Hospitality Nevada, USA To get well equipped in event planning and be prepared for the event industry.

A lot of youth these days goes into businesses for either the passion or the cash flow; which category do you fall into?
I am extra happy when I plan parties for people or when I hear it’s you birthday or if I hear there is any celebration and without you wanting a party, I start planning your day for you. It is the love and passion that makes me happy and yes the money too is important to keep me going.

Looking at your company name ‘ Event by SI’ why the choice of name?
The name Events by SI, Is Events by Sandra Ikeji. SI has always been my signatory name.

Knowing that there are lot of events company around; what will you say stands you out amongst them all?
I get this question every time, even from family and friends. But I think distinguishing one’s self requires something different from the norm, like true creativity and transparency. And that’s who we are. We are a fun team that is not only intelligent and trained in Nigeria but internationally certified experienced planners. And our line is open 24/7 .Can you beat that?

How affordable is EventbySI?
Event Planners don’t come cheap, but we have very reasonable packages depending on your taste. We Plan Luxury and regular as well.

As an event expert; are you also affected by the current economic challenges in the country?
I am proudly Nigerian, I was taught how to adapt in any situation but generally speaking Nigeria will be great again, the economic situation has murdered a lot of business but we are witnessing the springing up of young entrepreneurs. A high percentage of our youths are not waiting for offer letters anymore, they are creating wealth being creative and starting up businesses and that’s the positive side of the current economic challenges and we should embrace it.

How then do you deal with insatiable clients if any?
This is an industry where one has to be very patient and listen a lot. I think planners should always know how to manage a client’s expectations and do accurately all that is promised in the contract and more.

Share with us some of the services you offer?
We are a full-fledged event management company. We offer professional event planning services and that include Event coordination, Event management, Weddings, Social and Corporate events, themed parties and Destination celebrations.

Will you take a job even if your profits level at the end is not your standard?
When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise on our standards, we have a brand to protect.

What was growing up like for you?
Growing up was beautiful, I used to play football as a child, my neighbours called me Sandra Papin.

Knowing that you are one of the siblings of Nigeria’s biggest blogger, Linda Ikeji; how does that make you feel?
Oh that makes me feel like I will live forever. Lol. Seriously I am blessed to have been born into a family of love and blessing. I thank God every day of my life.

How supportive is she since you debuted your own company?
She has been supported since I was born. Linda helps everybody around her grow, she is very generous like that, infact she is generous to a fault. She has been very generous throughout my journey and I adore her.

In term of publicity: what steps have you taken to get your company known worldwide?
Our Creative speaks for us but that is not enough and that’s why we have come to your esteemed platform to showcase our great talents.

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