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Constitutional rights of Fulani herdsmen

When the 2015 national political elections were coming, there were very heated debates on all sides. As was to be expected, the politicians were clutching on everything possible to sell themselves to the electorate. As usual, they fished out every possible point in their favour and/or against their opponents.
In that way, they invariably may lose some of their erstwhile non-partisan and/or more objective audiences. In this way, some of the important issues that they raised at that time may naturally have been overlooked.
One of those truths that were taken out of proportion, was the never hidden issue of the Usman Dan Fodiyo and his actual or claimed descendants agenda to ‘conquer’ the whole of Nigeria. For the fact of their being of the inherently theocratic Islamic religion that can very easily be used to totally possess people, to then completely also force that religion on the people for their more primary, personal and selfish political interests. It was easy for people to quickly dismiss that fact because they were being used to counter the fact that Muhammadu Buhari has been one of the military) leaders who did not show any tendency for personal enrichment from office.
However, since that victory by Buhari, all the evidences that it can be taken advantage of by the Fulani/Usmanu Dan Fodio interest groups for imperialism and total Nigerian conquest is everywhere for us to see. The terrorist attacks on everybody everywhere who will not let them herd their cows through their farms and eat up their crops, has grown rapidly.
In spite of all these and the cries from everywhere, Muhammadu Buhari has not uttered any serious enough word in that regard. Yet, he is the only one who MUST speak to his very own Fulani people. To fail to do so would obviously be to take the Nigerian people for granted.
When the latest episode of the sacking of a whole community in Enugu State occurred recently, in April 2016, and many calls for the taming of the menace was raised, the association of these herdsmen had the effrontery to tell everybody that they will go on with the terrorism. Obviously, this raised many more angry responses. It is for this reason that the subject merits looking into in a very dispassionate way. For the purpose of the progress, nobody should be treating these matters from the point of venting uncontrolled angers. Christianity-based responses should be the least to do so!
Yes, the Nigerian constitution says to “guarantee” every Nigerian the right to live and conduct every legitimate business of his interest in the country. But does the constitution guarantee such Nigerians to trespass on other people’s properties and rights? Does it allow them to vandalise people, rape their girls and women? There are laws in Nigeria which should ensure that all the people who do such things should be maximally punished. In any civilized and civilizing country, people like that should be in life long jail. It is in the best interest of such people that they are limited to states and cultures that will understand such ways of living.
We recall churches in Sokoto built on lands legitimately acquired by Christians which were destroyed by traditional Islamic or civil government agencies because Christian Churches will not be permitted in such places. Yet, these Middle Belt or Southern Nigerian peoples allow mosques to be built in their places. We all know of southerners, Middle Belt or even far Northern minority tribe (and especially Christians) whose legitimate business premises and wares were vandalised, in these states because they were Christians.
However, God who permits things like these to crop up at the very times they do is wise in doing so! Looking prayerfully on the whole matter, it would appear to me that He has allowed PMB to become President and for these unwholesome events to rear up their heads again at this time. We must propose healthier ways to contain and curtail the Fulani herdsmen terrorism. Nigeria must become one of these civilised countries; and the duty to educate and help arrive at it is that of all of us. The governors, legislators and other politicians, especially those from the vandalized states, have the duty to persistently present this to their colleagues as well as to PMB until such civilization sinks in and is brought to bear in the country!

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