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Comptia to partner Babcock, Caleb varsities to enhance undergraduates’ IT skills

Mr. Gareth Foulkes-Morris, senior Africa executive, Comptia International, global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) entrepreneurial skills to higher institutions and training institutions, is scheduled to visit Babcock and Caleb universities this week to collaborate on enhancing the technology skill-sets of undergraduates.
The visit is part of Comptia’s collaborative strategies to help Africa achieve parity with Western and Asian universities and consequently enable university graduates be in a position to surmount the pervasive unemployment syndrome as well as become successful technopreneurs in diverse technology-related fields.
Foulkes-Morris will use the occasion to hold executive sessions with the authorities of the universities.
Part of the benefits of the meeting includes formal offer to license the institutions as Comptia academies with attendant free technical deliverables to the universities.
Equally, the engagements with the students will serve to  further expose huge technology potentials which are yet untapped by Africa and more significantly Nigerian youths,  which when explored will serve to set them apart and in hot demand in the national as well as international job markets, and also empower them to become self- employed as wealth creators.
The visit to Babcock University will serve as the icing on the cake by equally extending the technology mentorship sensitisation programme to select secondary students from 40 secondary schools in the Lagos zone.
The students will be modeled and motivated to begin to dream of a bright future as wealth creators through leveraging readily available 21st Century Technologies and become world great technopreneurs like, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Nigerian Phillip Emegwalli that developed the fastest computer, among others.
CompTIA is the largest IT Certifier and the voice of the global information technology industry. As a non-profit trade association advancing global interests, CompTIA focuses its programmes on four main areas, namely, Education, Certification, Advocacy and Philanthropy.
Mr. Tim Akano, MD/CEO of New Horizons Nigeria, affirmed that the visits by Comptia International is facilitated by New Horizons Nigeria as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives for empowerment of Nigerian youths and that the visits by top executives from world technologies/OEMs are scheduled in phases.
Other university partners namely, Bowen, Redeemer, Lead City, Salem, Samuel Adegboyega, Mkar, and Adeleke Universities will soon host their different strategic sessions between May and June 2016.

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