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Community banishes IPOB member over crime, homosexuality

Elders of Amosu community in Okigwe Local Government Area of Imo State have ostracized and banished one of their sons, Prince Faith for allegedly joining the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to terrorize and engage in violent agitations.

The community was said to have clamped down on Faith not just for his activities with the agitators for the independent state of Biafra, but for allegedly being a homosexual, a sexual orientation considered to be taboo among his kinsmen.

One of the community elders, Chief Chikezie Anyanwu, told our correspondent that agitation for Biafra was not a solution to the problems of Igbos or other ethnic groups that were allegedly being marginalized and discriminated against in Nigeria.

He said “the youths agitating for an independent state of Biafra are misguided. Anybody who witnessed the 30-month civil war in Nigeria will not be stoking the embers for a repeat performance. The push for secession cannot be in the interest of Igbos who are scattered all over Nigeria doing business.”

A youth leader in the community who pleaded anonymity accused Prince Faith of being a deviant who was not only involved with a violent group but was committing abomination by having amoral relationship with a fellow man.

He said “He is a disgrace to our community. Our elders repeatedly cautioned him to change his ways because it is a crime in our country, as Nigerian laws prohibits same sex relationships. In spite of this, he continued and never gave up, bringing shame to our community.

“Prince Faith was caught red handed in his room with his homosexual partner identified as Samuel and they were beaten in the King’s square after which they were locked up. Prince Faith was arrested on May 1, 2017 and he disappeared on May 2 2017 and we have since been searching for him.

“We reported his escape to the Nigeria police who promptly declared him wanted for committing a crime and for belonging to IPOB which engages in violent agitations.

To demonstrate the seriousness the police attached to arresting the IPOB members, they have also put a bounty on their heads to encourage members of the public to expose the fugitives “.

A youth group in Imo State, “Oganiru Imo”, had consistently taken a hard line against members of IPOB, led by Nnamdi Kanu.

The President of the group, Comrade Bath Azunna said “We will not allow anyone to toy with the sovereignty of the Nigerian nation because our strength lies in the unity of the country. Anybody agitating for Biafra or supporting secession must be chased out of Imo State.

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