Comedians should stop making jokes with people’s experiences -Ibadan residents


 Some Ibadan residents on Tuesday engaged in heated debate over the use of real life experiences of Nigerians by comedians for their stand up shows.


While some told newsmen that art mirrors life and using real life experiences was in order, others said this could be offensive to those at the receiving end.

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Mr Adefope Adeniran, a gaming consultant, said using people’s conditions and situations to ‘crack jokes’ could be offensive, adding that this, however, depended on how the comedians presented their punchlines.

“I can make jokes of my body structure and that of my friends because we are friends and are used to cracking jokes about ourselves.

“But talking out of the personal experiences and happenings in the lives of others as a joke without proper presentation could be taken as offensive and mocking their situations.

” If a comedian, however, finds a way to present his punchlines without sounding offensive, then it will not be a problem,” he said.

Adeniran added that people in the society do not mind seeing others being the butt of jokes provided they are not people they have affection for.

Another respondent and entrepreneur, Mrs Tosin Awogbami, said that it was in order for comedians to make snide remarks about people so long as it elicited laughter.

“It is now up to the people concerned not to take those comments to heart whenever they hear them,”she said.

Mr Omotola Siyanbola, the Chief Executive Officer of Pac Photography, however, urged comedians to be sensitive enough to avoid derogatory jokes.

“Some jokes are not meant to be told. They should censor what they are about to say.

“It depends on the joke though; as long as the joke is not derogatory, it is fine,” she said.

Mr  Olayiwola Ogedengbe, the CEO of Lamas Clothing Nigeria, said that many comedians  often conceive jokes just to make money and not to cause harm.

Mr Dare Ayelabola, a musician, on his part, said that  while some comedians are able to adopt real life experiences to provide entertainment, others end up being offensive.

“You do not just say things  about people when you do not really know them and say it is a joke.

“I do not have anything against comedians making jokes out of people and society, but they must be conversant about what they are joking about, ” he said. 

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