Comedian Okey Bakassi Might Be Losing His Sight

President Mohammadu Buhari has got a lot of people waiting for his return. Popular comedian, Okey Bakasi could not hold himself back as he decided to write a comic open letter to him.

The letter which was supposed to be a serious one has some comic undertone. He told Buhari in the letter that he is aware that his tests results are out and he expects him to be back anytime soon because things have gone hay wire since his departure.

He noted that although his Vice President ,Osinbanjo has been doing his best but it seems that his bests were not enough because some of the appointed ministers have not been following his order since the only thing they follow is his body language and his body is presently not in Nigeria for them to follow.

Check out his open letter to the President

“Dear President, How are you feeling today? Hope the test results are out and the doctors are taking good care of you? Some of us are praying for your quick recovery and safe return. No need to deceive you, Sir…things are getting worse at home since you left. Prof is trying his best but we are not seeing any CHANGE. I don’t know if government officials are not following his instructions because of his size. Sir, you know all your political appointees follow your Presidential “Body Language” but since your “body” is not presently located at home, there’s nothing to follow….so nothing is working.

Sir, we heard you called Trump on the phone. That’s cool. It would be nice if you can speak to us (that voted or didn’t we vote for you) to reassure us ….we are confused oh. I’m also not feeling well too, Sir. I suspect I may be losing my sight…. because anytime I look in my wallet I can’t see anything…can your London doctors help me? Let me allow you go back to rest. I want to report some people to you but that will be in my next letter. Get well soon, your Excellency. Your guy, @okeybakassi “

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