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Civil Societies Lauds Buhari on oil subsidy removal

…Calls on NLC to call off its epileptic strike

Civil societies under the umbrella of Conference of Minority Tribes in Nigeria alongside Nigeria Unemployed Youth Vanguard and 35 other civil society organisations in Nigeria has thrown their weight on President Muhammadu Buhari’s economic policy on oil subsidy removal, attesting that it is a step towards alleviating the suffering of the common masses and curbing corruption.

Speaking at a conference on the state of the nation on Friday in Abuja, its National coordinator comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi, commended Nigerians on their trust in the present administration stressing that some cabal hitherto hijacked the system in the name of oil subsidy to the detriment of the poor masses.

Ogenyi called to mind the lack of political will from past administration to do the needful and salvage Nigeria by removing oil subsidy.

“Successive governments had tried in removing the oil subsidy otherwise known as deregulation of the down stream sector of the oil industry, it’s either the previous government’s lack the political will to salvage our dear country or lack the confidence of Nigerians in implementing such idea”, he said.

Acknowledging that Nigerians are happy for having a President who enjoy their confidence as well as has the political will to redefine the history of the country, by alleviating the sufferings of the common masses he asked that the President be commended for his zero tolerance for corruption and for restoring the hope of Nigerians and redeeming its image before the international community.

Recalling that in 2012, the group mobilised against the decision of the government of Goodluck Jonathan to remove subsidy stating that the reason was their lack of trust for the past administration unlike what is obtainable with the present government.

“Former President Jonathan did not take practical steps that convince Nigerians as President Buhari did by excluding oil subsidy from the 2016 appropriation bill which is the working budget of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It shows that Mr President belong to no body and belong to every body. We must support a true idea that promises hope for Nigerians”

The group condemned in strong terms the strike action by the factional NLC led by Waba calling for immediate suspension of her actions or face the wrath of the ordinary Nigerians which he described as unpatriotic  and offensive to Nigerians. Stressing that it is an act of seeking for attention to gain cheap popularity.

” The Nigeria Labour Congress genuinely is not protesting the subsidy but because of the faction in it, Waba is seeking for recognition that he may be know by Nigerians. We do not have to toll the part of cheap popularity to the detriment of our people”, the group affirmed.

The group promises to mobilize a one million man solidarity march  in Abuja and major cities in Nigeria in support of government decision that removed oil subsidy.

Eulogising Buhari’s effort at curbing insurgency and calling on well meaning Nigerians to stand with the Federal Government to end corruption been perpetuated in the name of oil subsidy the group reinstated its optimism that Mr President will not reverse his decision on subsidy removal since there is no provision for it in the Nation Budget.

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