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City 105.1 FM MD Doja Allen Speaks On the Challenges of Being a Working Wife and Mother

City 105.1 FM’s Managing Director, Doja Allen was recently on TVC’s Breakfast Show Your View and spoke about the challenges women face when combining family life with their careers.

Using herself as a case study, Doja Allen shed light on her everyday struggle being the head of an organization as big as City 105.1 FM while trying to be the best wife to her husband and the best mother to her two children.

Doja Allen while sharing her experience on raising two boys, being a Managing Director and studying for an MBA mentioned that, “It is not easy but I try to strike a balance between my work & my family by creating the enabling environment.

Moreso my husband is a wonderful man and a supportive partner who fills the void whenever I am unavailable.”

While discussing the challenges of her lead position at City FM, especially being a Woman, Doja Allen stated that “Although few people had issues with her as a female taking up the role of the Managing Director of City 101.5 FM, In fact they tried me at the beginning but they soon realized that although I might not be broadcaster as a professional, but I know what is right and wrong and I also know how to run a business”.

Doja Allen also revealed that she has an interest in helping young people achieve their dreams especially those who would love to build careers in Broadcasting.

However she has discovered that most of them are not quite ready to give it their all “Young people like shortcuts and they don’t put their heart into their jobs”.

Nevertheless she remains determined to help them and has set up a training school for this purpose. The training teaches “core broadcasting, marketing” and other business skills.

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