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Christina Milian Tells What She'd Do If Kanye Crashed Her Award Win

Kanye is notorious for interrupting a big win he did it to Beck, he did it to Taylor swift and maybe he will do it to Christina Milan.

Kanye and Christina Milian, go way back, she spoke exclusively to  on what she would do if took over the stage to  let his mouth run wild;

“I would bring him up there with me because I know Kanye, so he better be saying that I deserve it,” Christina. “I would want him to say that Christina has been working for it for years and she deserves it.

So Kanye, by all means come on up! I would actually invite him up!”  What can we say, till then Ms Milian. She has not even finished resurrecting her career and she is already planning what to do if Kanye ever interrupts her win.

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