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Children’s Day: natnudO foods educates pupils on benefit of egg consumption

As part of activities to mark the 2016 Children’s Day, management and staff of Nigeria’s leading food processing company and producer of Super Eggs, natnudO Foods hosted children in Lagos and Ogun to a treat, educating them on the benefits of good nutrition and consumption of an egg a day.

Pupils from Ikosi Grammar School, Lagos; SOS Village Nigeria, Lagos; Champion School, Magboro, Ogun State; Mercygate Isheri-Osun, Lagos, and Sunshine School, Magboro, Ogun State, were drawn to enjoy the day with their teachers.

According to Population Reference Bureau report, over 11 million stunted Nigerian children are facing malnutrition problem which ranked Nigeria second behind India among all countries with the highest number of stunted children.

Mr. Toromade Francis, Managing Director, natnudO Foods, blamed parents and guardians on the rise in number of stunted children on their failure to pay adequate attention to what their wards eat.

Toromade, stated clearly that every child deserve an egg daily in order to help their learning skills. “Better fed children are the hope of the country”, he added.

In his word, “You will agree with me that nutrition has gone beyond filling your stomach with food. And eating three times in a day does not mean you are feeding well.

“It is unfortunate that many parents today do not really pay much attention to the diet of their children/wards which is why this figure is quite alarming.

“For us at natnudO Foods, we pay keen attention to nutrition and children’s nutrition is a key aspect of our brand essence. Children’s nutrition is important to us hence the reason for creation of product lines beyond frozen poultry to our Super Eggs.

“As far as we are concerned, every child deserves a meal with an egg every day. We are proud to announce to you that natnudO Super Eggs have nutrients that work together to aid improved memory and learning capabilities in children, thereby preventing stunted growth in our Children.

“Children are very important part of our society because they ensure continuity of our generations. Children guaranty the future of our nation. Better fed children will are leaders of tomorrow and hope of our great country.

“Eggs are very good for people at all levels from children to adults; they are super foods because they are loaded with several bodybuilding and nourishing vitamins. This is why the Federal Government’s plan to provide an egg a day to each Nigerian school child is a step in the right direction, which we must commend. We are also happy to be one of the front liner drivers of this initiative with an event such as this where every child gets to enjoy natnudO Super Eggs.”

Mr. Toromade Francis, however assured Nigerians that natnundO is set to champion a plan to tackle the scourge of malnutrition and under-nutrition in every child.

Also, Mr. Olushola Abiola Malomo, Secretary General, Nutrition Society of Nigeria, in his remark acknowledged that stunting is what happens to a child’s brain and body when they do not get the right kind of food or nutrients that are available in egg in their first 1,000 days of life.

Malomo, said though the country has made progress in micronutrient deficiency control, but about half the children aged 6 to 59 months do not receive vitamin A supplementation (supplement) and that can mean a child will be growing up with lower immunity, which can trigger frequent health problems and poor growth.

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