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Celebrity Lawyer, Kayode Ajulo Celebrates Mum

Isaac Oguntoye

Anyone who is close to popular lawyer, Kayode Ajulo will confirm the love the celebrated dude has for his mother can’t be compared to anything as he holds her in a very high esteem.

The illustrious woman recently added another year to turn 84. Her beloved son, Kayode took his time to pen down his expression all to celebrate and appreciate his dear mama.

Ajulo, in the message expressed why he’s convinced no one can love him deeply like his mother does.

“My mother, Mrs. (Princess) Christiana Monisola O. Ajulo (nee Adedeji) is 84 years old and I cannot but to celebrate her on the occasion of her glorious and purposeful 84th birthday.”

“Over the years, she has come to win the love and adulation of all, who adore her.

Beyond her sound sense of elevated style, which is evidently observed in her choice of modesty; give it to Maami, she is an embodiment of humility, decency, grace and warmth.”

“Despite that she is half educated she ensured that all her offspring acquire best education in different fields of endeavours/professions.

We the biological children are eight in number with several others passed through her tutelage, today to the glory of God, we are all better educated and resourceful.”

“Despite her limited educational background, my mother remains the best educationist I ever passed through; my first and best teacher ever.

I am a lawyer and I dare say that Maami is my first Law teacher, she taught me rules of life, ethics, values and what it meant to be an ”Omoluabi”, a philosophical and cultural concept that describes a man to be of excellent and enviable character.”

“Maami never spared the rod and as I write this I still feel with nostalgia and trepidation, her occasional squeezing of my long ears. Maami is a great disciplinarian, a slave driver.

I can vividly recall my first alphabets with her in this interesting mould, she taught me valour, trust, magnanimity, benevolence, integrity, respect for others, boldness, and the virtue of being candid and fearless at all times.” He elougize

“She was trained as a seamstress what today is known as Tailor/Fashion Designer, she taught me how to sow which made me to design all my cloths till this day.

Later she became a textile merchant and subsequently digressed into books and stationery business. Maami owned the famous TI OLUWA NI ILE BOOKSHOP (NIG) LTD (TONIB) with branches in some cities and towns in the West of Nigeria, namely; Ibadan, Ilesha, Ondo, Akure, Osu, Ikare, Awe and Oke -Imesi respectively.”

Right from her youthful years and now as octogenarian her life has been a source of love, strength and blessings to her loved ones and all those around her.

I celebrate you today at 84 and I pray that the Lord grants you many more years of peace, joy, good health, prosperity, resounding victories and abiding fulfillment.

Happy birthday to you Maami, this is a milestone worth celebrating. Congratulations