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Celebrity embarrassing moments

You see them looking stunning on red carpets, movies, musical videos and magazine covers yet we do not understand the fact that they equally have their own bad and bizarre moments; they are celebrities not to be seen as ‘thin God’. Today on our Celebrity bizarre shot, we bring to you embarrassing moments of your top entertainers.

Dayo Amusa

There came a time in traffic in Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos and a lady hit my car glass and requested that I wined down which I did; she requested for my personal contact line that she would love to be my friend and politely I told her I cannot give her my line. My sister, after a short while, the lady rained me bucket full of insult and created a scene at the bus-stop. I just zoomed off embarrassed.




For me since my celebrity status, I have been enjoying bit of my job as comedian/OAP moving from one stepping stone to another. It will amaze you that I don’t have an embarrassing moment.


Fathia Balogun

fathia balogun

That will definitely be at the international airport. I was travelling and at the check-in point, a guy just ran close to me and kissed me on the lips. For a moment, I was shocked. All he could say was he had promised his friends that whenever he sees me, he must kiss me or else he will die. He apologised at the end of day and requested for an autograph on his chest and hands which I did but I was really embarrassed.




Can’t recollect the date but it was definitely at Unilag, then I was still pushing one of my song ‘Illegal’ which was already a national anthem. Soon as I approached the stage, a guy pulled off my shoes while I sat on the stage performing. But because I was closer to the stage where the crowd were, a lady just held on to my trouser and wanted to pull it off; as a sharp dude, I held on to my belt and my heart was beating so fast.

Adeniyi Johnson


The most embarrassing moment I cannot forget easily was when a dense male fan grabbed my John Thomas publicly at Iponri Bus-Stop in Surulere, Lagos. I was angry but at the same I had to plead for him to leave me alone.

Comedian Bash


For me, I tagged it memorable day because I cannot forget the incident when a so-called die-hard fan gave me a confirmed slap at an event. After the slap, he said, Bash!! I love all your jokes.

Mercy Aigbe Gentry


My most embarrassing moment was at the airport when a guy took off his shirt and told me to sign an autograph on his bare chest.

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