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Celebrity embarrassing moments

You see them looking stunning on red carpets, movies, musical videos and magazine covers yet we do not understand the fact that they equally have their own bad and bizarre moments; they are celebrities not to be seen as ‘thin God’. Today on our Celebrity bizarre shot, we bring to you embarrassing moments of your top entertainers.


Noami Mac:

There’s quite a number but the one I can remember will be after Nigerian Idol. About a year after or so, I went to buy stuffs in Yaba. As I bent down to pick the belt I was buying, someone just shouted NAOMI MAC and I was frozen.


That will be when a female fan asked me to sign autograph somewhere crazy, at least that’s one of the craziest ever that I’ve ever experienced.

Lizzy Anjorin:

A female fan slapped me in the public (Market place) and said whenever her husband watches my movie that the husband will refuse to sleep with her in the bedroom rather he will sleep in the sitting room. She started insulting me that I am a witch and all that, I was totally embarrassed.


That will definitely be in 2010 during Rocksteady’s album launch. I just dropped my song, ‘One in a million’ featuring 2Face then and I had a very boring performance. Everybody was just looking at me like, ‘Who is this one again? But thanks after the hustling, people appreciated the song and knew me better.

Adekunle Gold:

Well I don’t really tag it an embarrassing moment but it’s worth remembering. When I got help from someone I could have rendered service to when I was still freelancing, he then reminded me saying, “You know you were supposed to design my cover back then but you turned me down because my money was too small”.


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