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Celebrities and their health

..How health conscious are our superstars?
It is disheartening at the rate in which this country, Nigeria and the world loses talented and promising celebrities to the cold hands of death. It is now rare for a week to pass without a celebrity’s death being reported. It is so painful that just in this month of June, 2016, different celebrities were reported dead. Starting from Henrietta Kosoko in the first week of June to former Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi, who died two days later, to another erstwhile coach of Super Eagles, Amodu Shuaibu, who died few days after Keshi’s death and now OJB Jezreel, who died after a kidney failure on June 14.
Although, the cause of some celebrities’ death still remains unknown but it is a great loss to the country. You cannot blame a dead man for his death but a living soul who cannot watch after his health should be warned.
In recent times, the common saying ‘health is wealth’ is often taken with levity by a lot of people and celebrities and some who are aware of that fact choose to ignore. They end up treating their bodies like ‘machines’ with less or no care to their health even when there are symptoms of illness until it becomes serious. Their busy schedule is often the excuse given for not visiting the doctor. They forget that the inner body is what keeps us moving and it should be monitored else, it becomes weak.
Celebrities should learn to take care of their health as much as they do to their outward appearance. The health which is very important, should not be neglected. The death rate this year seems to have increased as some sicknesses that could have not led to death if it was diagnosed and treated on time now kills because people are too busy chasing after one thing or the other leaving less or no time for their health.
Due to the fact that some celebrities pay more attention to acquiring fame and wealth, and are blinded by civilization, they get carried away, change their lifestyle and develop new habits that could be detrimental to the health. Some begin to drink more, smoke harmful substances and sometimes take hard drugs that would cause more damage than benefit to the health.
Despite the exuberance lifestyle, some celebrities find it difficult to visit the doctor for regular check-ups due to some reasons best known to them. Knowing fully well that they do give little or no consideration to what they eat or drink and how it affects the body either positively or negatively because the money is available. Instead, this should give them enough reason to go for regular check-ups.
Also, some celebrities do work round the clock while some of them push themselves too hard, making no time for themselves or families. Celebrities in this category should learn to unwind to relieve themselves of stress. They should make time out of no time to visit a physician so as to get treated of those illness that are bound to occur. One’s life is more important than fame because a dead man cannot think of that, only a living can.
There are some celebrities who are having serious health issues but prefer covering. Hiding health issues because you want to keep your private life private would only lead to you endangering yourself. In the past, there were situations where celebrities who needed funds for their therapy or cure bills came out to the public to ask for help, in the end got assisted and were treated.
Imperfection is human’s reality, so total perfection should not be expected. There are some female celebrities who could go to any length to achieve their desired shape and look without considering how those things affect them. Some either use drugs, starve themselves in the name of diet or go for surgical operations, ignoring the risk involved.
It is advised that celebrities pay more attention things that matter like their health, making time to visit the hospital. Self-medication should be minimised or avoided if possible.

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