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CDQ: On career, fashion and collabos

Yussuf Abubakar Sodiq popularly known as CDQ is a hip hop Nigerian artiste who is currently under the record label of General records owned by Mastercraft. The Kwara State-born artiste has done a lot of popular songs like Ogini, Indomie, Salaro amongst others. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI and ABIMBOLA OBATAYO, CDQ talks about his career, collaborations and his love for fashion. Excerpts:

My competitors are not my challenges — CDQ

How did you come about the name CDQ?
When I was in secondary school, I was one of the social directors then and I was so familiar and close to the Abokis so they said every artiste do have a stage name, so let’s create one for you. My name CDQ was carved out from my name Sodiq and along the line when I met Banky W, because he happened to be the patron in the music industry, so he gave full meaning of the name. He said when you go to the market to purchase a CD in the olden days and the music in the CD is good, you will say the CD is quality. So CDQ also means CD quality at the same time.

How has the journey been so far?
The journey has not been easy. You know the first thing that almost all upcoming artistes face is capital problem, it wasn’t that easy. So thanks to my label, General records, for being supportive right from when I got signed in. My frst video, Godfather, was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was subtitled featured Mastercraft. So, I think that was when the whole recognition really started but when Olamide tweeted the whole lines of the song on twitter, I got recognised by Davido and he told me he wanted me to join HKN but unfortunately I am already under a record label, so I couldn’t go.

Would you say that there are still challenging moments for you?
The time of challenge for me is over. I think the time of challenges has gone. The time of challenge was when I started, when there was no capital. But now, people will say my competitors in the game will be my challenges but I don’t see them as one because we all have our own different sound. There is a way I sound and people like it and another artiste will also have a particular sound that people will also like, so I don’t have any challenge.

The industry is blessed with several female musicians; do you have a crush on any of them?
Well like you said, the industry is presently blessed with lots of female talents and talking about crush, I wouldn’t mind being close to Niyola because she is beautiful and I love her voice. Sometimes, I can’t do without listening to her songs every day. I love her physique but my mind got busier along the line because of the pressure of work. In simplicity, I love her personality.

Are there plans to work with any female artiste?
Defnitely, I have worked with Olasunkanmi on the song Marry Joana; I look forward to working with divas like Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and Niyola in the nearest future.

In your words, what do you understand as fashion?
Fashion is a lifestyle depending on how you see it, but to me, it’s a lifestyle. That’s how we express who we are. Merely looking at what someone is wearing, you can easily say that this person is like this or like that.

How can you describe your personal style? Well, with my music, I am just street with my bandana tied to my head.

Does your personal style infuence your choice of music?
Yes, because I am a soul rapper. If you listen to my music, you will realise that I am very skilful. My kind of music can be picked out from my person.

Who is your fashion icon?
Jay Z.

Now has fashion infuenced your perspective towards art and music?
I will say yes, somehow.

What are the major items you cannot do without on stage?
My woosss! Whenever I am on stage, I must say woosss and I cannot do without my bandana.

What is your most sentimental garment so far in your music journey?
I don’t have any one.

What is your fitness secret?
I go to the gym.

Do you have a particular fashion style for your choice of woman?
Basically anything good so far she looks beautiful in it. I don’t have any particular fashion style for women.

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