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Catholic faithful chides antagonists of Fr. Ebere over publication

Catholic faithful worshipping at the Canaan Land Adoration Ministry, Nnobi otherwise known as ‘E-Dey Work,’ has chided those accusing the priest in charge of the Ministry, Rev. Fr. Maguns Ebere of not working in confomity with the rules and regulations of the Catholic doctrine.

Describing the author(s) of the article as not only coward(s) but an antagonist(s) of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Catholic fateful wondered why the newspaper published in God’s own vineyard should be used in fighting the ministry founded on God’s own foundation instead of promoting the good news of the gospel.

Brother Godwin Okafor who spoke on behalf of the faithful said those attacking the priests failed to know the difference between a diocesan and religious priests, saying “Rev. Fr. Maguns Ebere (SDV) is not a diocesan but a religious priest with vacationist Reverend Fathers as empowered by the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

“Religious priests can work anywhere while diocesan priests are posted at the discretion of the bishop in charge of the diocese where such priest(s) works”, they argued.

Okafor said they were carefully studying the publication made against Rev. Fr. Maguns Ebere and will reply to it at the appropriate time.

“We saw the article published by our own Newspaper, I mean newspaper owned by the Catholic Church and we are surprised that the statement credited to nobody even warned everybody to be vigilant and careful in associating with Fr. E-Dey Work whom God has been using in liberating the oppressed, healing the sick, blessing barren women and doing other remarkable miracles”, Okafor stated.

Calling on the members of the public, especially other Catholic faithful to discard the article, Okafor warned of the danger of antagonising a priest ordained by God.

The Special Media Assistant to Rev. Fr. Maguns Ebere, Brother Nwanekwu Leonard said Fr. Ebere is a real man of God and it is only those that has the grace from God, which is existing in him that can do what he is doing, advising Christians to always avoid criticisms that can destroy the Church.

Calling for caution, the media aide to the man of God, however stated that people should be mindful of the kind of words they use against the prophet of God.

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