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Catholic Bishops to Challenge Rome on Consecration of Bishops

Two renegade Catholic bish­ops on Tuesday at a remote mon­astery in Nove Friburgo, Brazil, expressed their willingness to consecrate a new generation of bishops in apparent challenge to Rome.

French Bishop Jean-Michel Faure, said the new group “re­jected Pope Francis and his new religion” and would not engage in a dialogue with Rome until the Vatican reversed some of its ac­tions.

Richard Williamson and Faure, who were both excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church when the former made the latter a bishop without Vatican approval.

Faure said the fact they planned to consecrate bishops was important because it means their schism can continue as a rebel form of Catholicism.

“We follow the Popes of the past not the current one. It is likely that in maybe one or two years we will have more consecration.

“There were already two candi­dates to be promoted to bishop’s rank,’’ he said.

Faure said the group was first addressed as Roman Catholic now St Pius X, and later the Re­sistance.

He said the St of St Pius X (SSPX) was a larger ultra-tradi­tionalist group that was excom­municated in 1988 when its found­er consecrated four new bishops, including Williamson, despite warnings from the Vatican.

Faure said they rejected the modernising reforms of the 1962-65 “Second Vatican Coun­cil’’ and stuck with Catholicism’s old Latin Mass after the Church switched to simpler liturgy in lo­cal languages.

He said the resistance group would not engage in dialogue with Rome.

“We resist capitulation, we re­sist conciliation of St Pius X with Rome,” he said.

Faure said he was not sure what it would take for Rome to re­turn to its old traditions but con­flict could be a catalyst.

“If there is another World War maybe the Church will go back to the way it was before,” he said.

A report said former Pope Benedict readmitted the four SSPX bishops to the Catholic fold in 2009, but the SSPX soon ex­pelled Williamson because of an uproar over his Holocaust denial

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