1. Hello,Information should be verified before publishing it online. The part of the news that, Management of the Organization did not inform the staff before the implementation of this policy is a lie. A friend of mine work in the company and as always informed me of this issue since last year. He even told me that the Management has promised to pay some compensation to the staff in reference to this development.
    Staffs were currently promoted within the organization and an increment in salary was paid to them in the reward of hard work and diligence to the organization. The people that are protesting are those that have some personal issue with the company.
    Please get the fact clearly…….

  2. Information from media report last week revealed that, the Management of the company was willing to pay the workers of the company their gratuity and also a certain amount of money in form of compensation to all staff. But the Union of the company have been cooperative in the process of negotiation and also the unprofessional and ruly behavior have been the basis of disagreement between both parties.
    A member of the union that pleaded anonymous also reveals the plan of the staffs to block the major entrance and shot down operations which yielded a positive outcome leading to the present state of their industrial action.
    The management of the company have been highly responsible since the introduction of this new policy through the introduction of programs to empower and develop their staff.

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