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Buhari’s one year…APC’s change

If a presidential election were held today, majority of Nigerian voters who have seen the queer ‘change’ mantra of the ‘ruling’ All Progressives Congress, (APC) for the past one year, as regards the prevailing harsh economic climate in the country will no doubt vote out the party.

Reason for this reaction on their part is based on high expectation from the government which has not been realised in terms of campaign promises overblown with so much propaganda.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration so far with regard to the economy and what it promised Nigerians seemed overwhelmed in fixing it. With the economy downturn virtually felt in every part of the country, the picture is glaring that most Nigerians have resorted to feeding with whatever they can eat to quench the biting hunger and starvation rife in the country.

Many grocery shops and markets in the country have increased prices of goods and services. Foodstuff especially staple ones which are every day need of families are beyond their reach due to rise in prices, and having a good meal has become a luxury as well.

The President said he is fighting corruption but those days Jonathan was President, a bag of sachet water was sold at N60 now N100 and above. Bag of rice sold then at N6, 800, is now N19, 000. Petrol was N87, but today N145 per litre. Basket of tomatoes was N4, 500, and today N42, 000. Bread was N200, and today bread is N300. Light was eight hours and today no light at all.

Nigerians are not finding it funny due to change of prices of goods and services every day they go to the market. Delay in signing of the 2016 national budget compounded the economy woes. Buharinomics has become a slogan Nigerians hate to hear. The administration just one in office has become torment to the masses.

What Nigerians are saying is that the APC government should see the suffering in the land. It is time for the administration to rise up and find a lasting solution to economic hardship that is ravaging the nation.

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