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Buhari’s four-point mandate from God – Rev Akinadewo

A young Nigerian prophet and head of a white garment Spiritual Movement – Motailatu Church of Christ Worldwide in Okeira, Ogba area of Lagos has unveiled that President Muhammadu Buhari has a four-point divine mandate from God to salvage, recover, restructure and save Nigeria.

The pastor evangelist, Reverend James Akinadewo who spoke with The Daily Times at his Lagos District Headquarters therefore called on Buhari to brace up to take Nigeria to the Promised Land.

“Buhari must be ready to tackle corruption and other vices because this is a divine mandate from God and he must be ready to do it because Nigeria, under his administration MUST WORK.

“Tell Buhari that this is a chance given him by God; therefore, this country must be better under his leadership this time around. God knows his ability, so he must decide that things must change under his command because the groaning, frustration and despair of Nigerians have hit their peak in the land.

“Buhari should remember certain orders he established when he was military head of state in the 80s and Nigerians keyed into it and they were good; that only happened because he was determined.

“He needs that rugged determination now than at that time. He must be firm, uncompromising and must not be afraid to do anything to correct the rot in the system. Leaders must show that they have liver so he must not be afraid to step on toes. This is a life time opportunity for him to salvage and transform Nigeria.

“God said: ‘if My people will acknowledge their sins and repent, if they call upon Me and do My will, I will save them and heal their land.’ So, if Buhari will decide to seek God and do His will now, others under him will follow and this country will be transformed before our eyes”, he added.

Reflecting on how Nigeria glided so fast into mindboggling corruption and sudden upsurge of insurgency and massive destruction of lives and properties that have characterised our daily life, Akinadewo said: “we are the product of our society.

“The problems with Nigeria are Nigerians themselves because we are not sincere. We have problem of bad leadership, wastefulness and impunity. Nigerians know the truth but we are not doing it because we are far from a sincere people.

“We are a people of bad leaders and bad followers and until we change this orientation and do things the right way, there will be no change. So if Nigerians desire the change God has appointed Buhari to give us, we all as a people must act right and do things right: it is then we can get the blessing and the rightful results from God.”

Inspite of massive bloodsheds by insurgents in the Northeast and lately the Fulani herdsmen now in the Southeast and Southwest, Akinadewo said he believes God still rules in the affairs of men, begging the question as to whether God do visit evil upon a people.

“It is the evil that people do that they will get the result. Like we see our leaders celebrating corruption and Godlessness in high places, you can’t continue to do evil and expect God to give you good results.

“When God puts leaders in a position, they are expected to perform and do the will of God; but once they deviate from God’s purpose, the people will face problems like we are experiencing in our generation.

“Now, God put President Muhammadu Buhari there this time around and the same God expects him to do the right thing.  We don’t expect God to come down and do what we can do ourselves. See for example, God has provided security for the nation, but people in charge diverted the money, and when trouble started, they could not sustain the security.

“The change we want must start with the leaders; they should turn a new leaf and do things right. President Muhammadu Buhari must decide that this country must work because God sent him at this time to salvage Nigeria”, he stressed.

Unemployment a time bomb
Addressing the worrisome state of unemployment in the country, the Reverend observed that there are millions of employable but unemployed youths all over the country.

“That is a time bomb. Once the leaders and the led, young and old take a decision that this country must work, the collective will and determination will make it work and it will begin with you and me”, he said.

Akinadewo revealed that the Motailatu Church has rescued about 10,000 youths from the streets.

“This ministry has taken over 10,000 youths mostly drug addicts and the delinquents off the streets in Ogba, other parts of Lagos, and outside the state when we go for evangelism. We have empowered over 5,000 youths apart from others God has used us to bless. Drug addicts are delivered, those oppressed by the devil are saved and they are spiritually empowered and shown the light.

“Therefore religious bodies must not be left out of it; every denomination must be involved. The people in government, corporate organisations, NGOs and all individuals must come to an agreement that this country must change, encourage and empower poor and depopulate the army of idle able bodied youths in the country”, he stressed.

Threatened co-existence

On the amalgamation of the country by the British and the onslaught of the Fulani herdsmen, Akinadewo encouraged Nigerians to brace up and rescue our threatened coexistence.

“We must decide to chart the way forward. Pent up anger is everywhere. Buhari must give an order that the killings must stop. He is the Commander-in-Chief and as a military man, he knows what to do about the killings of innocent citizens in their own home ground whether by Fulani herdsmen or insurgents, those killings must end fast.

“Buhari should call all parties together and discuss with them so that Nigeria can continue as one indivisible nation”, he added.

Buhari’s remaining days in office
“We cannot talk about second term now. It is God that owns 2019. Of his tenure, I believe things will work; Nigeria will be better in his tenure: that is the mandate of God.

“Since it became possible to have a New York, New Delhi, New Mexico and so on, there shall be a New Nigeria. God will give us a New Nigeria if we all join hands together and are determined,” Akinadewo prophesied.

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