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Buhari spent the one year giving excuses… this must stop – Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Bruce, the lawmaker representing Bayelsa central senatorial district, has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari and his ministers spent their first year in office giving excuses.

“For the past year, PMB and his ministers mistook the Federal Executive Council for the Federal Excuses Council. This must stop going forward!” he wrote on Twitter.

Known for his critical stance on government, Bruce has used social media as an avenue to express reservations over what he perceives as shortcomings of this administration.

In the sixth month of the All Progressives Congress-led government, Bruce alleged that Buhari was showing signs of helplessness.

“Six months is one-eighth of a four-year tenure. If you are still blaming your predecessor after six months, when are you going to ever deliver the goods?” he wrote on Twitter.

“Blaming others is a sign of helplessness. A numero uno should not blame. He must take responsibility for leading us out of troubled waters.

“Go ahead and attack me, I don’t mind. I am not the president or a governor. I’m just a Nigerian who loves Buhari enough to tell him the truth!”

He also criticised the delay in the inauguration of ministers, and when the ministers were sworn, he charged Nigerians to hold them accountable.

“Congrats to our new minister of aviation, let’s challenge our minister to confirm neither he nor his aides will fly first-class at tax payers’ expense. Let’s challenge our minister of transport to confirm he will use various public transports at least once a month,” he tweeted back in November.

“Congrats to @Gov_Rajifashola, let’s challenge our minister of power to confirm he won’t use generator so he’ll feel what Nigerians are feeling.”

He went on to challenge other ministers to eat “Nigeria-made foods”, Nigerian hospitals, and other locally-made products.

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  1. OgbuefiIdris OgbuefiIdris May 31, 2016

    From all promises cancelled to Federal Excuses Council. What a government of lamentation. But lamentation does not solve problems; only only logical application of knowledge, skills and competence do. Again things do not happen by hyperbole promises they do by taken concrete actions. We are already experiencing negative indices and there is nothing in the President’s address that suggest that we will get out of our current predicament.

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