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Buhari Seeks Collaboration from 8th NASS to Fight Corruption, Insecurity

The President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has called on elected members of the 8th National Assembly and other elected leaders to be transparent in the discharge of their duties.

Buhari made this statement in Abuja at the induction ceremony of the new legislators of the Na­tional Assembly, on Wednesday.

He said it was imperative for all elected leaders to ensure pru­dence in the management of pub­lic resources and be transparent in the discharge of their duties.

According to Buhari, the legis­lature is a critical component and necessary ingredient of democ­racy and good governance, add­ing that legislators carry heavy burden of representation with all the seriousness it deserves.

“The legislature by nature is in­herently democratic, in the sense that all members are equal and are elected representatives of the Nigerian people.

“For a president to be success­ful in addressing community development and general wel­fare of the various people of the country, he or she would benefit from working closely and in har­mony with the legislative arm of government. I, therefore, com­mit myself to working with the legislature as development part­ners motivated by the desire to deliver good governance,” Buhari stressed.

He lauded the maturity exhib­ited by the political class, the pro­fessionalism of Nigerian security agencies, the competence and re­silience of INEC, the doggedness of Nigerians, as well as their com­mitment to ensuring that their wishes were represented and re­spected.

While speaking further, the President-elect described his vic­tory as equally a victory for all political parties and their leader­ships for according due respect to the electoral process and accept­ing the results in most cases.

“I wish to specifically acknowl­edge the role played by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for ac­cepting the results of the election before final announcement was made,” he added.

Gen. Buhari, who enumerated nine challenges confronting the nation and needed to be tackled as soon as he takes over on May 29, noted that appropriate policies needed to be put in place, and such policies may have to be translated into laws.

“I see these development chal­lenges as the mission of my Presidency. I need the support of the Members of National As­sembly on the battle front. I need your support in many respects,” he stated. According to him, the oversight function of the legisla­ture is critical in ensuring that policies were implemented effec­tively and transparently.

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