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Buhari has no solution to Nigeria’s problems -Sanyaolu

Dr Adesina Sanyaolu is the Pastor of Chapel of Holiness Evangelical International, a.k.a. Fountain of Living Spring, Aboru, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos. In this interview he speaks on issues as they affect the nation. PATRICK OKOHUE reports

********What is your reaction to the present state of the nation, especially state of insecurity, and the recent killings of innocent villagers in Benue and Taraba states by Fulani herdsmen?
Honestly and sincerely speaking, it is not the best way to start a new year. The killing of those innocent Nigerians is very unfortunate. It is sad that Nigeria is being gradually turned into a killing field under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. But let say again, and I have said it before and God revealed it to me again that Nigeria will continue to witness political turbulence, killings and general insecurity as long as Buhari is in government.
Although Buhari is trying his best, but he will never get it right as long as he remains the President because God revealed to me that Buhari is not Nigeria’s messiah.
I’m not saying this for the first time, before Buhari was voted into office in 2015, God asked me to tell Nigerians that even though Buhari and APC would win the polls, but that Buhari would never have a peaceful rule because he has not been divinely anointed to lead Nigeria. No matter how much Buhari tries or efforts he made, he will never get it right. And this is the bitter truth as revealed to me by God, Nigeria will not experience peace as long as Buhari is in power.

********Are you saying that some of these happenings on the nation’s political landscape have elements of divine angle to them?
Yes. What many don’t know is that most of the things that happens in the physical realm are predetermined in the spiritual realm or have spiritual connotations to them. I have nothing personal against Buhari. I’m a servant of the Most High God, and I will always reveal whatever God asked me to reveal to Nigerians. I made bold to say again that Nigerians should not expect peace, unity, harmony or anything progressively inclined as long as Buhari is there in government. But be that as it may, Buhari still remains our president, and we will continue to pray for him.

********For the New Year 2018 what has God revealed to you concerning Nigeria?

God told me a lot of things concerning Nigeria. For those Nigerians who are harbouring fears and anxiety that Nigeria may break or there may be war, God told me that Nigeria is not going to break, and there is not going to be any war in Nigeria.
You know Nigerians, some people are afraid when some prophets and pastors have been saying that Nigeria will break or that there will be war, but you know there are prophets and there are prophets, the Living Almighty God whom I serve told me after a 41 days fasting before the end of the year that Nigeria is not going to break. God specifically told me to assure Nigerians that there won’t be any war in Nigeria and that Nigeria is not going to break.
Again on the nation’s political landscape God revealed to me that former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar should not be written off. He should not be underrated. Although Atiku has nothing to offer Nigeria again, but God said that he shouldn’t be written off. God further revealed to me that even if Atiku become relevant again that he (Atiku) doesn’t have solutions to Nigeria’s problems.
The year 2018 will also witness a lot of mass defections from the ruling APC to PDP, and this will hurt the leadership of APC to the extent that APC led Federal Government would start witch-hunting members of the opposition. But God told me that Buhari and APC leadership should not harass, persecute or intimidate members of the opposition that if this is done, that it would have unpalatable consequences for Buhari and APC.

*********There has been a lot of anxiety over 2019 general elections, with some Nigerians saying that with the way politicking over 2019 is going that it may distract governance, what is your take on that?
It is sad that 2019 and the struggle for 2019 has dominated so much of our political landscape. But for these politicians talking about 2019 now, do they know what will happen tomorrow, not to talk of next year. Some of these politicians jostling, struggling and permutating over 2019 will drop dead before 2019. There may even be no 2019 general elections.
For President Buhari, my advice to him, and what God also asked me to tell him is that he should forget it. Buhari should forget 2019. If God give him the grace to complete his first term, he should retire to his village in Daura. But from what God had revealed to me, even if Buhari want to spend one term in office, some hardliners in his party, APC will insist and convince him to run for a second term and he will consent, but should Buhari agree to run for second term or contest in 2019, it will have some consequences. Nigerians should watch and pray. Buhari has no solution to Nigeria’s problems.
Many prominent Nigerians including former President Olusegun Obasanjo would warn Buhari not to seek reelection, but those hawks in APC would ask Buhari not to listen. They would insist that Buhari should run for second term. However Buhari’s insistence on running for a second term will boomerang.
Again, we should continue to pray for Mr President over his health. It is not yet uhuru for Buhari concerning his health. He should listen to his doctors, and take things easy.
I also see political scandals rocking Aso Rock in this New Year 2018. These political scandals akin to the one involving the sacked Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir David Lawal will be embarrassing to the Federal Government. From what God revealed to me, there will be political turbulence between this year and 2019, but God said He will raise a new leader, a messiah for Nigeria within that period.
For those who know Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State very well, they should tell him that he is just day-dreaming talking about his ambition to become President of Nigeria.

********What about the economy, how do you see the economy faring in 2018?

Nigerians should move closer to God – they should be watchful and pray, but 2018 will be much better than 2017.
The economy will be much better this year, more Nigerians would get jobs, and the economy will enjoy some boom.

*******The issue of insecurity, especially Boko Haram …
Cuts in … Boko Haram will grow more deadly. More efforts Federal Government make in dealing with the menace, the more deadly Boko Haram will become. I don’t see government defeating Boko Haram through use of force. Federal Government and President Muhammadu Buhari should seek a political solution to the Boko Haram conundrum.

*******If you are to advise the federal government on three areas to accord priority in 2018, what would those areas be?
That will be Power, Health and Infrastructure. Power is the key to so many things. Today the state of electricity generation, supply and distribution is nothing to write home about.
Government should make concrete efforts to increase power generation. When power supply is improved, industries will be able to function optimally. Many industries that are lying comatose will bounce back.
Even with increased power generation, small scale ventures will thrive. All those welders, barber, hair-dressers will be able to work. Even when industries are functioning well as a result of improved power generation, job opportunities will be created. Like I said earlier, power is the key to many other things. Many things that were moribund before will start working as soon as power generation improves.
Another area that need to be accorded special attention is the health sector. Nigeria is a big and populous country, and not only that Nigeria is also well endowed with natural resources like oil which makes it to be a rich country, but sadly the state of our health sector is nothing to write home about.
Most of our hospitals have become mere consulting clinics. No facilities. No modern equipments. It is sad and very pathetic that many hospitals in Nigeria don’t have incubators and screening machines for cancer and other ailments.
Today many Nigerians have to go to Ghana for screening for cancer. Federal Government should get its priorities right this year. Health is not something to be toyed or joke with. Nigerians don’t need to travel to India, Dubai, London and other places for medical check-ups if the facilities are here.
On infrastructure, government needs to do more in the areas of constructing new good roads, repair and rehabilitation of the existing ones.

I also see political scandals rocking Aso Rock in this New Year 2018. These political scandals akin to the one involving the sacked Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir David Lawal will be embarrassing to the Federal Government. From what God revealed to me, there will be political turbulence between this year and 2019, but God said He will raise a new leader, a messiah for Nigeria within that period.

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  1. FEMI A USA FEMI A USA January 13, 2018

    You see, not only Buhari but rulers before him. They are visionaries but cork and shoot syndrome. Ethnics politic rules the day.What do you expect from School cert holders or none. Nothing.This is where our loads have being wobbling no solid foundation.

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