The Buhari Government is not ready to truly fight corruption – Prince Nosa Eweka


A prince of the Benin Royal Family, Nosa Eweka, said “President Buhari’s Government is not truly ready to fight corruption”.

In a statement issued today, Prince Eweka said “If our Government truly wants to fight corruption we need to amend our laws pertaining to corruption.

The punishment for bribery, graft, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement and money laundering need to be more severe, the punishment for these crimes is a joke as is.”

The Benin Prince said “The Buhari Government has to be sincere with Nigerians. The Buhari Government has refused to release the names of individuals from whom public funds were recovered”.

Recall a High Court in Lagos on July 5th, 2017 ordered the Federal Government to immediately release to Nigerians the names of individuals from whom public funds were recovered, the circumstances under which funds were recovered, as well as the exact amount of funds recovered.

Prince Eweka posed these questions “How are we even supposed to deter public officials, civil servants, Government contractors and bankers from corrupt acts if they know they can get away with just a slap on the wrist?

How are we going to deter Nigerians from corrupt acts when they clearly see that corrupt public officials, civil servants, bankers and Government contractors never get punished?”

Prince Eweka said “A lot of corrupt people made deals with the Buhari Government without spending a single day in prison and they are yet to be shamed publicly”.

He said “It’s beyond ridiculous that we hang petty thieves while we let the great ones off the hook”

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