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Buhari, APC are hypocrites- Atiku campaign team

The Atiku Campaign Organisation has described both President Muhammad Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) as hypocrites for disparaging Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Buhari and the APC were said to have several times in the past praised Atiku as an exemplary Nigerian as against recent uncultured habit of hurling insults and casting aspersions on Atiku immediately he emerged as PDP presidential flag bearer

The media Organisation in a statement on Thursday noted with nostalgia past praise and validation of Atiku, wondering what has change between then and now

“On December 22, 2014, President Muhammadu Buhari declared that Atiku Abubakar is “an inspiration” who has done a “great service”. Today, the Presidency is singing a different tune. How can Nigeria be stable economically and politically if the President cannot be counted to stick to his words?

“On December 21, 2014, the All Progressives Congress issued a statement describing HE Atiku as a “special gift” and “an asset”. Today, the same party is hurling invective on the man they once celebrated as an exemplary citizen. Is this two faced the type of example they want to give to Nigerians?

“Moreover, on December 19, 2014, the All Progressives Congress praised HE Atiku as an “agent of change”. Now that Atiku Abubakar is on the brink of effecting the promised change that the APC failed to implement, they have ‘changed’ and now call him all sorts of negative names”, it was pointed out.

The organisation urged the Presidency, the Buhari Campaign Organisation and the All Progressives Congress, to stick to issues.

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