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Fulani herdsmen killings: Nigeria needs rescue, Oyedepo cries out

Servant of God, presiding over the Living Faith Ministries, world wide, Bishop David Oyedepo has sent a wake up call to Nigeria, a nation he says is in a state of slumber.

Bishop Oyedepo at 2018 January 14th Sunday service said Danger is looming in the country by insurgency in the guise of the Fulani herdsmen.

He decried the loss of lives and carnage wrought by the Fulani herdsmen in the Benue killings, wondering why the government is yet to actively respond.

He asked five pertinent questions in the course of his sermon delivery which are as follows:
Is cattle business government business?

Should poor farmers be killed for Fulani herdsmen to live?

In a nation that still produces 20 percent of what they eat, what is the contribution of cattle business to national GDP?

Does Nigeria land belong to Fulani herdsmen?

Can the citizens still trust the security forces in this state of anarchy and largely unchecked aggression?

The Bishop wonders if there be more to the governments slow response to the Fulanis herdsmen menace, condemning human lives being slain for cattles.

He urged Christians in prayer to God to visit the camp of the wicked with judgement and free the soul of Nigeria.

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