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Borno state harmonises support groups

The proliferation of dubious humanitarian organisations in Borno state has forced the government to embark on the harmonization of groups involved in providing support to Boko Haram’s victims.

The 42 existing humanitarian organisations were being harmonized to restore sanity in the process of providing support to the victims of insurgency.

Alhaji Mali Gubio, the Chairman of the state Humanitarian Response Committee, unveiled the plan after the inaugural meeting of the harmonization committee in Maiduguri.

Gubio, a former Borno Head of Service in the state, expressed sadness that some of the organisations were taking advantage of the Boko Haram crisis to make money without rendering tangible help to the victims.

“The state government is not even aware of what some of them are doing.

“So, the committee is supposed to harmonise their activities for maximum results, ” he said.

Gubio explained that the committee was expected to bring together all the humanitarian organisations to ensure that they worked in synergy.

“Our duty is to make sure that we bring them together to know exactly what they are supposed to be doing and how.

“We appreciate their concern for our people but where the concerns are dubious we are supposed to address them, ” he said.

Gubio said it was sad that some individuals and organisations were using the Boko Haram terrorism to make money in the guise of providing humanitarian support to the people.

“Boko Haram terrorism should not be used as an avenue to enrich some people or organisations to the detriment of our people who are the real victims.“

“The victims should be the beneficiaries of any support and not the individuals or the organisations providing the support, ” he said.

Gov. Kashim Shettima had repeatedly accused some humanitarian organisations of taking advantage of the Boko Haram terrorism victims to enrich themselves without adding value to the victims’ conditions.

The State Government had last week inaugurated the committee to address the problem of lack of coordination among organisations operating in the state.


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