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Boko Haram have left Nigerians with social problems – Adamawa CAN chair 

The Chairman of Adamawa State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Bishop Mike Moses has said that the issue of insurgency was, gradually, dying off but living the returnees internally displaced persons with serious social problems that needed government’s urgent attention.
He told journaliss in Yola, the state capital, that the recaptured towns like Mubi, Michika, Hong, Maiha were in need of full-time service of banks and mobile phone activities.
He urge the government to put more attention on the returnees in the area of health, institution, water, agriculture and electricity, which were seriously affected by the activities of the insurgents.
While taken time to appreciate the Federal and Adamawa State governments for working hard to chase out Boko Haram operatives in the entire north- east, he remind Christians and Muslims to cultivate the habit of tolerating of each other.
“We thank God there is relatively peace in the entire north-east, at least all the captured areas by Boko Haram have been liberated what left is a social problem, which could be more dangerous than the dreaded Boko Haram”, he said.
“There is a tense enmity between Michika Muslim and Christian shifting blames, accusing each other of bringing Boko Haram, innocents people are being killed for joining the group, the only day of visiting the market is been divided into two – on the basis of religion, which was never the case before now”, adding that “this is not going to work well for peaceful co-existence of the people. It might degenerate into another serious problems if not curtailed well by the government.”
He also advice the government to make sure that it involved all stakeholders on the plans to rebuilt the north-east by the newly-established Ministry of the North-East.
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