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Boko Haram; America's CIA and Mossad Are behind it- Sudan President

According to the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashirha, the fight against jihadist extremism must engage militants on an ideological level, and not solely concentrate on military action against them.


Omar al-Bashir said this exclusively to euronews in the week that ISIL released a video purporting to show the execution of 21 Egyptian citizens – an act that spurred Egypt into launching airstrikes against ISIL targets in neighbouring Libya.


He warned that simply using violence against young radicals who fight with organisations like ISIL and al-Qaeda could lead to even more extremism.


“Our policy has been largely successful, after we arrest these young people we bring a group of young scholars to engage in dialogue with them about their thoughts, and we succeed to bring a lot of them back from their radical ideas”.


Omar al-Bashir also made a more shocking statement that America’s CIA and Israel’s Mossad are behind groups Boko Haram and ISIL.

“I said CIA and the Mossad stand behind these organisations. There is no Muslim who would carry out such acts.”

The full interview will be aired on euronews tomorrow.

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