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Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend, Nick Gordon, Checks Into Rehab

Bobbi Kristina To Be Taken Off Of Life Support On Third Anniversary Of Mother Whitney's Death **FILE PHOTOS**
We reported to you that Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon made an explosive appearance on “The Dr. Phil Show.”  Doctor Phil is a popular American psychologist who has a highly viewed TV show in which he dishes advice to people who have various problems. In case you missed it, the pre-recorded episode served as emergency intervention staged by Gordon’s birth mother, Michelle. Nick, however, was reportedly under the impression that it was just going to be a simple interview. During the episode, Nick not only opens up about the passing of Whitney Houston and the bathtub incident involving Bobbi Kristina Brown, but he also admits to substance abuse.
It has also been reported that Nick expressed during the episode that he would commit suicide if Bobbi Kristina doesn’t pull out of the coma she’s been in for the past month. If true, this would be the second time the 25-year-old publicly talked about taking his own life. Days ago, he made similar comments on Twitter.
I’m so hurt I wanna do myself in, I know I have to strong
— Nick Gordon (@nickdgordon) March 4, 2015
Unsurprisingly, his mom says that he suffers from depression. According to TMZ, shortly after the taping of the episode, Nick checked into rehab. It’s currently unclear how long he will be staying.
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