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Blinded by Partisanship or Mischief?

Since President Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat in the March 28, 2015 general election, a subtle campaign has been undertaken by some politicians and their sympathisers to diminish the statesmanship in the action.
Recall that hours before the the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced the result on April 1, 2015, declaring General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) winner of the poll, Jonathan had telephoned Buhari to concede defeat and congratulate him over his victory.
That singular action not only doused the tension that had built up across Nigeria, but also averted spilling of the blood of countless citizens and the destruction of property. Rather than boil as widely expected by several countries, international and local doomsday prophets, Jonathan’s action blew away the dark clouds that hung over Nigeria on account of the poll.
That decision by Jonathan to concede defeat shamed the hawks that had assembled their war arsenals to feast on Nigeria and Nigerians. The arms and ammunition they had stockpiled for sale to groups in Nigeria to fight against one another could not be deployed. They were roundly disappointed, all because true to his word, President Jonathan refused to allow his ambition to result in the spilling of the blood of any Nigerian.
But those who want to diminish the statesmanship in Jonathan’s action must realise that no presidential candidate in the history of Nigeria from independence had ever lost, much less concede defeat . Even where they were roundly defeated, these candidates cried foul over the poll result, wasted the nation’s precious time in endless litigation, and even stoked crises which resulted in the deaths of many Nigerians.
So, while those who want Nigerians to believe that Jonathan’s action is nothing spectacular can continue in their chosen path, they must realise that but for that action, the peace pervading Nigeria at present would have been in tatters.



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