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The blind are the most creative creature

The popular adage that there is ability in disability seems to be an understatement compared to the true picture of what you can encounter when you meet the phenomenal being at the vocational training center for the blind. It has been an advancement from ability to creativity to productivity.

We all grew been told that everyone has a natural gift called talent. But the current situation is that no one pay you for your talent. You are paid for your skills. Skills are refine talent that are needed to accomplish productivity. The ingenuity of such skills displayed by the student of the vocational training center for the blind is a true reflection that the center is the hub of creativity

Let’s face it. Albert eisten says logic move things from point A to B, imagination moves things around the world”. All the innovation on the surface of earth initiated from imagination. This imagination is a powerful tool utilize by the blind in doing things. They moved around without seeing. The type on their phone and laptop without reading physically. The cooked without visualizing. These are the least of things they do. But all of this has been achieved courtesy of the other sense organ mostly that of hearing, touching and smelling.

When it comes to hearing, the blind has the ability to hear the lowest frequency of a beat from a far distance. Their tympanic membrane has the sensitivity to fine tune the exact nature of an audio sound. This hearing ability has been fully explored at this center as they teach their trainees on how to play musical instruments and digital sound production. Just hum a sound, they will make a melodious beat out of it. Write a poem, they will write a meaningful lyrics from it. Say few words and your song is compose. A visit to their world class digital musical studio will suffice your curiosity.

Furthermore, what about their imaginative writing skills. A blind person has the ability to picture the feature of the future he dreamt of. They understand that idea rules the world. And this is why I call them the word smith. If you have an opportunity to read a drama sketch, narrative book, motivational piece or advertisement script written by a blind person, you will not only be persuaded to take an action, you will also feel like you’re in the realm of where the action is taking place. Few among the trainees of the vocational training center for the blind has authored books which has made tremendous sales and impact.

However, as unemployment rate increase tremendously, the management of the vocational training center consider this popular trend. This has been the bane of what they inculcated into their curriculum ab-initio. The management understand that vocational skills has a vital role in creating job for most blind student who tend to be self employed and has lesser interest in education. They annex their sense of touch to produce beautiful art work and materials. When you see the beautiful bags weaved, the flower verse bead, the set of dining chairs and table knitted, you will be amaze if such creativity is a production of the blind. The most astonishing of all is how they create unique artistic patterns on the batik they produced. Just visit their tie and dye showroom, you will have no option but to patronize them for your next aso ebi.

Nevertheless, the relevant of all the skills aforementioned is incomplete in a 21st century without digital skills. Assistive technology has made life easier for the blind to fully utilize the computer system and compete with their sighted counterpart. Not only to type using word processing software’s, they also surf the internet, hang out on social media platforms like what’s app, bbm, twitter, Facebook etc. and as well advance their capacity to building website and developing mobile apps.

If there is one thought on your mind, I’m sure it is whether this is real in Nigeria? Or a speculation under planning? Either of both, delete such notion. It is currently happening. It is a dream come true for the founders, executive members and management of the federal Nigeria society for the blind. It is a great social project a non-profit organisation like they has been investing on since the past sixty one years. Despite the how it has been capital intensive as a result of foreign exchange volatility in procuring equipment and tools tailored for special education, it has been a relentless effort for them to ensure productive blind graduate from their institution. They have always seek for generous donation from philanthropic individuals and corporate bodies like you to sustain their existence and effectiveness.

A developed society is not measured only by the beautiful infrastructure they build but how inclusive they are, not by the number of wealthy people but how the most marginalized persons, mostly people with disability, are integrated into the society with equal socio-economic opportunity. The blind in our society can only be economically advantage when you patronise the ingenuity of their creativity.

If you think you’re creative, never dare that of the blind. And if you are yet to be convinced, a visit to Firro road at Cappa Oshodi where the vocational training center for the blind is located will be the best place you can go to.

Creativity is productivity. The blind are emblem of uniqueness. Respect them for whom they are.

You are amazing and unstoppable. Live your best life always.

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