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Bishop, NLC urge clergymen, to beware of source of wealth of members

The clergy and the Nigeria Labour Congress in Abia have warned clergymen and parents to be conscious of the source of wealth of their church members and children in other not to fall for blood money.

This advice came Friday from the Archbishop of Methodist Church, Umuahia Diocese, His Grace, Archbishop Chibuzor Raphael Opoko and the State Chairman, NLC, Abia, Comrade Uchenna Obigwe over the recent killing in Ozubulu, warning that the quest for money should not blindfold the church and parents.

According to Archbishop Chibuzor Raphael Opoko, “this also puts it on the door steps of us as clergymen for us to begin to question sometimes the source of income that we have in the church and the source of monies being used to erect churches and to do some works within the church.

“We need to begin to ask questions as clergymen and not just keep quiet.

“I am not condemning anybody but the fact remains that all the write-ups that are going on now, people condemning others, “I want to say, I call for restraint for irresponsible writing. Even for people who are abusing clergymen, they should also know that the bible says, “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. I call for restraint”.

“And for us Bishops and other clergymen who were there, who receives some monies, some people, we should begin to ask questions, “What will Christ do if he was to be here? We will not say we will not open our doors for sinners to come in, but however, we should not encourage when ill-gotten wealth is being flaunted, we should not to encourage it. In fact the church should totally reject it out rightly”.

While declaring the attack as condemnable no matter whatever is the motive, described it as a sacrilege that those people were massacred in the church.

However, reports from the government, he said, even the police show that it has to do with some people with issues to settle over business, stating that whatever is the situation or the case that is alleged to have been done by this people, the massacre of innocent people is condemnable.

“It is outrageous and condemnable for people from Igboland, trying to hype up the situation, trying to term the massacre issue of the north and south, or of religion”, he said and urged people to be careful on what they write on the internet and on newspapers as it is capable of unsettling the increasing tensions that already exist.

He advised the Anambra state government and the Security agencies to set up commission of inquiry to ascertain the remote and immediate cause of the killing, warning that people should open their eyes and be security conscious.

Aligning with him, is the state chairman, Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Uchenna Obigwe, while condemning the killing, said no responsible person or government would tolerate such actions.

Obigwe who had a chat with Daily Times in his office spoke against “a situation where we claim to be Christians and our heart is in darkness and where an individual has the affront to go to a church and kill sporadically because of money”, and called on the government to bring the culprits to book as deter4ent to others.

According to him, all the issues has to do with family upbringing, urging parents to train their children and punish them when necessary.

Parents, he also said should be bold to query the source of money their children are spending to deter them, stating, “They (Ozubulu killers) will never go unpunished because we have a living God. This tantamount to pointing a finger at God, and congratulated the Church’s Bishop for re-consecrating the church.

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