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Baba Sala Is Not Dead – Son

Veteran comic, Baba Sala is not dead. This was revealed by his son after new rumours of his death began to circulate. 82 year old Moses Olaiya is alive.

The iconic comedian and filmmaker popularly known as Baba Sala was rumored to have died.

His son Yemi revealed that like past rumours, there is simply no truth in any of these death reports.

‘It’s not true. I still spoke to him this morning. This man you’re talking about is my biological father and it’s painful that this kind of thing goes on every time. At least Nigerian journalists should reach out to the family before publishing such stories. Baba Sala is fine and I, his son still spoke to him today.’

Moses Olaiya is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s most dynamic entertainers, with a career that spans comedy, drama and music.

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