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Averted crashes: United Airlines issues safety warning to pilots

Due to a number of inflight near-misses, United Airlines has urged pilots to be more vigilant.

The memo is reported to say that the airline has experienced “what we would categorise as major safety events and near-misses” and although no fatalities have occurred, United used strong language to convey the safety message to pilots.
The memo reads: “Every time we enter the cockpit with the intention of performing our pilot duties, we evaluate risk. Every pilot must be willing to speak up if safety is in question. In the same vein, every pilot must also accept the input of their fellow crewmembers on the flight deck. In most cases, one of the pilots recognizes an unsafe situation. In some cases, a pilot’s input is ignored. This is unacceptable.”

The memo adds that the current high turnover of pilots in the group due to retirements, seat movements and new hires, which the airline states “introduces significant risk to the operation”.

“Bottom line: United is at a critical juncture in its history and we as aviators must adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the Flight Manuals, FOM, WOM and ALPA Code of Ethics. Reviewing, understanding, and complying with the guidance in company manuals is imperative to returning ourselves, our fellow crewmembers and passengers to their families safely. This is our top priority and greatest responsibility, and we appreciate in advance your continued commitment and cooperation.”

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