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Atiku’s legal challenge will end electoral impunity – PDP stalwart

Alphonsus Nweze, Awka

Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Anambra state, Chief Victor Anigbata, has said the decision by the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar to drag President Muhammadu Buhari to court will stop electoral impunity in the country.

Chief Anigbata said if Atiku and PDP had failed to approach the court for redress, the next President after Buhari would commit worse acts of impunity.

He said that “if he has refused to go to court as some people canvassed, it means we have accepted the impunity. It is good to go to court to register our protests. If not, the person who will come after Buhari will do worse things”.

According to him, there was no presidential election in the country, stressing that INEC before the election told Nigerians that they have 84 million registered voters, out of which 72 million collected their permanent voters’ cards, whereas less than 27 million voted during the presidential election, which was less than 35 per cent of the registered voters.

He insisted about 80 per cent of those who came out to vote, were prevented from voting, adding that “even the election conducted by Prof. Maurice Iwu during the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, was not as bad as this because more innocent people were killed in this election for nothing.

“During Iwu’s time at INEC, the army was not used. We are retrogressing. Nobody will say Nigeria had an election as far as I am concerned. Nigeria needs a rethink. And I am looking forward to when the masses will say enough is enough in this country.”

Chief Anigbata lamented that the Nigerians were being “suppressed openly and daily with impunity and careless abandon because nothing will happen. I know man can do wrong, but God is alive; one day he will show why he is God.”

The PDP chieftain attributed the conspiracy of silence that trailed the massive rigging in the last election to people being afraid of being persecuted by the powers that be, while many others find it difficult to attack the fraudulent electoral system while at the same time go to the perpetrators for patronage.

Chief Anigbata, who was an uncompromising supporter of President Muhammad Buhari, especially his agricultural programme, said supporting Buhari does mean he would not condemn the bloodletting that has become an official policy of the present administration and the fact the last election was nothing but a fraud.

“My concern is not Buhari’s victory, but it is about the process. If Yakubu, who is a professor cannot conduct elections what will other lesser people do. This shows that Nigerians are shameless,” he added.