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ATCON new president, Teniola, unveils 6-point agenda

Mr. Olusola Teniola, new president, Association of Telecommunication Companies of (ATCON) has unveiled his agenda to steer the leadership of the Association for two years.

The ATCON President has assured to work “tirelessly to take ATCON as an institution to an enviable position through execution of programmes that would aid telecoms industry growth. For me, the Association has once again proved to the whole industry that it believes in corporate governance”.

He said that the current NEC will be more proactive in that a form will be sent on monthly basis to all telecom companies that are not registered with ATCON to find out some of the areas that the Association needs to intervene before the matter get out of hand among members or the relevant government regulatory commissions.

“This administration shall not be reactionary but more proactive, pragmatic and involving. We want to further promotion and encourage harmonious relationship which would impact positively on the general wellbeing of our members as well as Nigerians. All pending issues in the industry we shall plan to resolve them so that more investors can come to our sector,” he assured.

Teniola disclosed that after a thorough consultation, he developed the following six goals for the Association: Strategic and purposeful engagements with all tiers of government as the conceptualization of the Association of Telecommunication Company was to support and give direction to the policy formulation and implementation in Nigeria.

“This NEC shall concern itself with the federal, state and local government in respect of developing the telecommunication sector in a manner that everyone wins. The telecommunications business is on the exclusive list of federal government but what is playing out or obtainable in our country right now is that all tiers of government level taxes on all our member companies and it is affecting the growth of the telecommunication sector in Nigeria.

“ATCON as an institution would work closely with all agencies setup by various tiers of government to develop a model that would be mutually beneficial to everyone in the value chain.

“Collaboration with NCC, NITDA and other related MDAs: The growth of information communication technology shall occupy our focus in the next two years. The Association shall come up with a time table for quarterly meetings with NCC, NITDA and other related agencies to monitor, review and proffer timely solutions to some of the bottlenecks militating against the implementation of short and long term policies of those agencies. ATCON would organise both indoor and outdoor meetings to upgrade the knowledge of the commission and agencies that regulate the ICT sector for the betterment of the country.

“Protection of telecom investment in Nigeria: ATCON would continue to protect the existing investment in the Nigerian telecoms sector through advocating for an enabling environment in Nigeria. ATCON would also as a matter of fact of its objective to encourage further investment in the sector through trade mission to other countries of the world.

“Expand the scope of Communication Business Information Technology Exhibition and Conference (ComBIT Expo): ATCON would reactivate the organization of its popular conference and exhibition which is known as Communication Business Information Technology Exhibition and Conference (ComBIT Expo). As a matter of fact the date for the 2016 edition of ComBIT Expo and Conference shall be announced in the month of June 2016.

“Redefine ATCONNews ThisWEEK: The impact of ATCON News in the Nigerian telecommunication industry has been impressive in terms of timely information dissemination to all stakeholders in the sector. This NEC shall also produce the hard copy of ATCONNews on quarterly basis.

“To strengthen the Secretariat through partnership: ATCON would be open for strategic partnership from members and international communities”.

He added that the leadership shall continue with existing programmes that the Association has developed.

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