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My assets form was doctored, Saraki tells CCT

‎The Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has alleged that his assets declaration form submitted in 2003 when he was the governor of Kwara State has been tampered with.

  He submitted through his counsel, Mr. Paul Erokoro (SAN) that the refusal of the EFCC operatives and the Code of Conduct of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to invite and relate with him on the form was because of the fear that he would challenge on insertions made on the form.

But the EFCC witness, Mr. Michael Wetkas, who was being cross-examined by Saraki’s Counsel denied the allegation, saying the form was filled and signed by Saraki before a competent Judge.

When the witness was asked if he was aware that the assets Declaration form submitted by the Defendant in 2003 was tampered with since it contained some entries of properties that were not put on sale by the federal government until 2006, Mr. Wetkas said:   “As far as I concerned, exhibit one was signed by the defendant himself on September 16, 2003.

And when asked if he inserted No. 15a and B, MacDonald Street, Ikoyi, he said ‘no’. And when asked if he knew who did it, the witness said:‎
“The Code of Conduct Bureau is a responsible organisation and he would not believe it would have done that.
He was also asked why he did not confront the Senate President with it, his answer was that he did not have any interaction with him but the document was one he could believe because it was signed before a competent Judge.

He said exhibit one would not have been written in 2003 because of the content. September 16, 2003. He could not have included properties he bought five years later. He argued that the form has been tampered with.   He said the EFCC could not submit documents because he was afraid such would be challenged.

The other team that met the defendent include Imam Usman and Musa Sunday. He also said he was not there when they met the defendant.

The house declared for sale by the Presidential Implementation Committee for the Sales of Government Houses in 2006 paid by Tiny T in 2008 after the first winner of the bid was unable to pay for it.

Meanwhile, the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki had earlier told the Code of Conduct Tribunal that he had no reason to steal or embezzled public money as he was already worth over N4 billion before  becoming  the governor of Kwara state in 2003.

He made the clarification  even as he alleged that his assets declaration form submitted in 2003 when he was the governor of Kwara State has been tampered with.

The Senate President is facing trial on alleged falsification of assets declaration charges.

Hefurther contended that all the evidence of money laundering adduced by the Federal Government against him at the tribunal are totally irrelevant as he was already a wealthy person before becoming the Kwara state governor.

To demonstrate his affluence, Saraki through one of his counsel referred the tribunal to his assets declaration forms submitted to the Code of Conduct Bureau dated September 16, 2003.m

The document which was read out in the tribunal by the prosecution witness, Michael Wetkas revealed that the Senate president had 13 exotic cars valued at N263.400 million before he became governor of Kwara state.

They include Mercedes G.500 bullet proof valued at N45m; Mercedes S500 N30m; Lexus Jeep bullet proof N30m; Mercedes S320 valued at N16 million; Mercedes S500 valued at N20m; Mercedes G500 at the value of N6m; Mercedes V.220 at N2m; Rally 456GT at the value of N25m and Navigator N15m.

Others are Mercedes MM240 valued at N8.5m; Peugeot 406 at N2.9m; Mercedes CLK320 valued at N9m and Mercedes E320 at the value of N11m.

The value of the Senate President in physical cash as at September 16, 2003 is as follows: $22m; £12m; 2.6 Euros and N4b. In the area of landed property, the document showed that Saraki is worth N2b.

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