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Aside from entertainment; it’s time to get involved in politics-ANTO, Big Brother Naija

Whatever happens between I and Lolu is because we want it- ANTO, Big Brother Naija
Munirat Antoinette Lecky better known as ANTO is one the 2018 Housemates of the just concluded Big Brother Naija where Miracle emerged winner. An indigene of Estako from Edo state; Anto was born and raised in the United State of America before moving to Nigeria as the Head of Operations, Continental Basketball League Africa. While at the Big Brother House, Anto showed a lot of sportsmanship especially when she returned to the house after a second chance. In this chat with MUTIAT ALLI, Anto spoke about her moment in the house, relationship with fellow housemate; plans after the house and her suppose zeal for politics.

Naturally one would like to ask, at the time you were evicted at first, did you see it coming?
The first time I had that feeling that I might going home that week because I felt like my time is up in the house.

What made you had such uneasy feelings?
Well I wouldn’t know but I just kind of had that feeling like I have been there almost long enough and the house was beginning to wear on me but luckily I got the second chance to get back to the house and that was definitely one of the biggest moment for me.

A lot of people were of the opinion that your strategy for the second time was to distract Tobi from Cee-C?
That is totally wrong because first and foremost I have no issues with Cee-C and I think the opinion people had was that I was going after Tobi to get on Cee-C but the fact is CeeBI already had issues even before I left the house so there was no way that I was going to be the one to mess them up. I didn’t want Tobi in the first place; everybody already knows who I want.

When the opportunity to go back to the house for the second time came; what strategy were you planning on using?
Honestly, I never had any strategy but a lot of housemates thought that I changed but that was there thinking, I was just been real at all time.

I didn’t think of doing anything differently as all I wanted to do was to win. I didn’t want to win on pretence, faking or doing what people had told me to do. I was just me and that is the honest truth.

How will you describe your journey to the BBN House?
First of all, it was a crazy journey and amazing at the same time; aside the fact that it was a game and everyone was trying to win. It was definitely an awesome moment as those other 19 contestants are people that ordinarily we won’t have met but the platform gave us the opportunity to.

The house taught me to learn how to deal with people and has helped increased who I am as a person and as a woman. Not forgetting, the house made me get into my emotions.

Aside from Lolu which other Male housemates were you attracted to?
Honestly I can say every man in that house is actually cute because when you go the house your expectation is to see one or two male housemates that are fine but Whao!! Every guy in that house is actually handsome but on the long run, someone else won my heart.

You and Lolu look too good as a couple; are there plans on cementing the relationship that started from the house?
First we both were on the show to gain platforms for our various career; yes we indeed met ourselves in the house and now that we are out of the house, we are really focus on building our careers and get expose to the world.

If something is going to happen between us is because as grown adult we wanted to and not because people think we are cute together or smart.

You won the Airtel Challenge while in the house, how does that make you feel?
It was totally an amazing moment for me while in the house to have won the challenge even though I would have love to win a challenge that the money comes to my personal account but this win is bigger than me and that makes it amazing;

it’s something for my village and especially because I want to get involved in Politics, people will now know that I have an idea in contributing my own quota and further developing the country at large.

You never won any of the Payporte Challenge, what happened?
I was always close to winning the Friday Payporte game but Big Brother mess me up, I was always good at playing puzzles and then I started to lose but am happy that the person who won the game at the end of the show deserves it.

How is life going to be like for you from this point?
Life is definitely going to be different now; I actually do have a job, I am the Head of Operation for the Continental Basketball League so I am trying my best to balance up couple with the many other things infront of me.

Now that I have an entertainment platform, I definitely want to act, love to host either on TV or radio, launch a couple of businesses (Hair Product), Talent Management Company but like I said earlier, the main goal is to get involved in Politics 2019. Now that the Youth is not too young to rule, I want to catch up with the train.

Since your relocation back to Nigeria, what do you like about the country?
One thing I like about Nigerians is that inspite of all the challenges, we just know how to make it work; Nigerians are hustlers because a typical Nigerian despite having a bad day will still wake and go to work the following day forgetting about whatever has happened. Positive vibe always; Nigerians are far more skilled than to be called lazy.

The house had lots of drama, which did you find annoying?
For me I would always say the biggest thing in that house was the fact that people use to fight over food, I say it every day because for me it does not make any sense at all.

Fighting over food when you know you are living in somebody’s house for free; so it baffles me why people fight for what they didn’t pay for.

What was your greatest fair after leaving the house?
Although I was a little bit afraid when I left the house because I don’t know what the world feels about me but my mother was the first person that I called and she was teary on phone expressing how proud she is for me and that is all that matters.

I read a lot of things about me on social media but the fact that my parent was proud of me that was all that matters as other comments doesn’t count.

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