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Arias engages consultant for admission into LSE’s standard segment market

Arias Intel Corp (the “Company”), a technology, media and mobile gaming platform, has engaged Nivalis Capital Ltd. as its business development consultant in the United Kingdom for the proposed admission of the company’s common shares to the Standard Segment of the Main Market of London Stock Exchange PLC (the “LSE”).

Nivalis Capital Ltd., is a London-based corporate finance firm that provides services to international companies regarding capital market funding and structuring.

The firm specializes in assisting small to medium sized companies in putting together IPO’s and publicly-traded listings, primarily on the LSE.

“We are pleased to be working with Nivalis Capital as part of our professional team,” said Kevin Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer.

“We believe the secondary listing to the LSE is the next step in the company’s evolution; and will enable us broaden our shareholder base to an international audience.

We selected the LSE to help increase liquidity for our shareholders; and because of its strong reputation for transparency and knowledgeable investors.”

The LSE was established in 1698; and has long been home to some of the United Kingdom’s and the world’s largest and best-known companies.

The LSE has approximately 3,000 companies from over 70 countries listed and traded on its markets. The LSE Main Market has over 1,400 companies listed with a combined market capitalization of $5 trillion USD.

The Standard Segment of the Main Market of the LSE requires companies to follow EU reporting directives, which among other things, compels companies to meet certain corporate governance, internal control and risk management standards.

The Standard Segment of the Main Market of the LSE is primarily for high growth companies. This marketplace allows access to capital both at time of admission and through future capital raises.

The company anticipates the additional marketplace exposure for the company’s shares will allow it to further build its shareholder base and increase its liquidity for the stock.

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However, Arias Intel Corp. is a digital media platform for tech, media, and gaming, which includes mobile apps and gaming, augmented and virtual reality, on-demand delivery, digital and social media, and e-commerce. The company plans to generate revenue through in-app purchases, service fees, and cross-channel advertising.

The company’s focus is on developing innovative technologies that leverage connectivity, distribution, and social networks.

The company intends to use its digital platforms to implement its unique marketing strategy that empowers viral and social mechanisms to reach a growing demographic that utilizes: (1) mobile apps and gaming, (2) social media, and (3) on-demand delivery. The company believes its platforms are entertaining, convenient, and scalable.

By combining these three fast growing business sectors — mobile apps and gaming, social media, and on-demand delivery, along with our experienced development team led by the former EVP of Activision, management believes the Company’s business platform can develop into a premier technology medium that attracts, engages, and monetizes.

The Company intends to use its platform to build its subscriber base and boost users’ engagement within its digital platforms to gather analytics and target advertising directly to users based on their preferences.

The Company is also exploring opportunities to expand a suite of mobile games and apps that target similar audience demographics.

The Company may explore these opportunities through the acquisition of operating companies, asset purchases or internal development.

Ganiyu Obaaro, with Agency Report

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